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Region Questions & Answers

What is a Region?
A region is a geographical term for a section or area of a place that has common characteristics that people or their surroundings share. Some of these similarities may include language, religion, climate or landforms, to name a few. Sub-regions can
Explaine the climate and geography of your region. Explain how they are important to the people who live there.
An excellent response will mention two or more aspects of the northeastern regions climate (temperature, precipitation, seasons) and geography ( mountains, plains, rivers, coastlines).this is an excellent example of an answer if you lived in the mid
The Mississippi River is unusual and important in many ways.  Write a paragraph telling how this river is special.
An excellent response will mention for or more features, such as: the mississippi river has an enourmous river basin; the mississippi drains land in a tremendous area of the country; the river often chnges its course; goods from all over the country