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These are unfriendly waters. The currents we are facing are changing at speeds we have never encountered before and a storm seems to be approaching. We have to get out of these waters quickly or else we face a disaster. But how will we do that? Can we get out of here in time? Questions keep popping up and no one has any answers to them. Captain, you are the only one that can save your crew now.

Navigation has been traditionally considered part of the set of how many mechanical arts? The Minoans of Crete like many ancient peoples made use of what kind of navigation? What was the country that funded Christopher Columbus’ expedition to the Americas? Lower the sails and set a course for history.

Before you start, please ensure that you've taken the Intro Quiz and Bronze quizzes.If you have not completed them then we won't be able to reward you for completing this one.   Anyway, relax and have fun;...

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    Phyllis is getting annoyed by her phone telling her how much credit she has left every time she sends a text. Which of these should you advise?

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    An SLS agent contacts a student whose account is already in a forbearance. The SLS agent proceeds to qualify the borrower  for a deferment and requests paperwork to be sent to the borrower, what disposition should the agent use in LiveVox?

Protrack GPS is an application that most people use to direct them to places or even track their cars when need be. There are some basic navigation functions that people are expected to know when it comes to using this...

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    What do I have to do to properly leave a ProTrack system?

Powerchart for PCT navigation, features and documentation.

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    What should be clicked to update a page or pull in the most recent results?

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