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Up until the 17th century, nobody was quite clear on the origins of the rainbow, its meaning, its composition, and basically anything else that might shed a light upon this beautiful natural phenomenon. Homer thought that the rainbow had only one color, while Aristotle insisted the rainbow was made out of only three colors. By the time Isaac Newton got round to it, pretty much everyone in the West agreed there were definitely only five colors that the rainbow displayed.

 “Why is red on the outside of the rainbow and blue on the inside?”, “Why is the order of colors reverse in a secondary rainbow?”, “Can moonlight produce a rainbow?”, and “Is there really a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?” Answer the questions of these quizzes and find out everything about the rainbow!

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  • What is your hobby?
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  • How many friends do you have?
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  • When do you do your homework?
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  • How would you spend your Saturday?

  • You are trying to ride your bike and you fall every time you try. How do you react?

  • Your alone at home, when suddenly the lights switch off. You hear a low growling. What do you do?

  • Which card BEST describes you?
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  • If I won the lottery I would ...
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  • My favorite hobby is
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  • What position in the group can you handle the most?

  • What's your favorite color

  • Which of these are your special talents?