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Remember:  anyone who has a mouth is at risk for oral cancer – not just ‘regular’ people like you and me.  Let’s take a look at some famous people who have or had oral cancer.Test your knowledge (or just...

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    What famous baseball player had oral cancer?

Cancer by definition is the abnormal growth of tissues in the body. Oral cancer includes cancer of the mouth, tongue, sinuses and all the other parts of the mouth. Find out what you know on the condition below.

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    How many more times likely are smokers to get oral cancer?

Did you know that Oral cancer is also known as mouth cancer? The oral cancers may develop in any of the tissues of the mouth. There are numbers of types of oral cancers. How well do you know about mouth or oral cancer? You...

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    Oral cancer is also known as ....

Oral Cancer Questions & Answers

What are the early stages of oral cancer?
There are some people who may not realize that they have oral cancer immediately because the first signs and symptoms are so subtle. You may have to look at these signs so that you can detect the condition early: Check if you have sores all over your
What age groups have higher chances of Oral Cancer?
The vast majority of oral cancers are diagnosed in people over 40 years of age and typically peak between ages 60 and 70. African-American and Hispanic men are twice as likely as Caucasian men to be found to have oral cancer. The incidence of oral ca
What type of people easily get oral cancer?
Oral cancer typically occurs in people who have one or more risk factors. The two most common risk factors include tobacco use which includes cigarette, cigar, or pipe smoking in addition to snuff or chewing tobacco and heavy alcohol consumption. Fa
Should I opt for home made treatment for oral cancer?
You should absolutely NOT opt for home-made treatment of oral cancer. In fact, any sore or discolored area in your mouth which does not heal within two weeks should be examined by a doctor. There is virtually no home-made remedy that will work to cur