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  • What is the difference between Rise and Raise?
    What is the difference between Rise and Raise?
    Rise and raise are words that seemingly have the same meaning; they both refer to something going up, or increase in height or elevation. The words might seem difficult for some that are just learning the English language, but they are not that difficult. The words rise and will be discussed in this article. Raise in its literal meaning means making something to increase in height or size. While rise, in its literal meaning, refers to something moving from a lower position to a higher position, in terms of height, size, quality, or quantity. Raise is also considered to be a transitive verb, while the rise is an intransitive verb. In addition, raise is a good example of a regular verb; in a sense, it's the simple past tense is "raised," and its past participle form is also "raised." In the case of rising, it is an irregular verb because it changes form in its past tense form, which is "rose," and in its past participle tense, which is "risen." Lastly, in the context of using "raise," the sentence follows a form like "something raises something," but for the rising, it's like "something rise".

  • What is the name of this note?
    What is the name of this note?
    D D

  • How many flags does an eighth note have?
    How many flags does an eighth note have?

  • If you draw a flag on a note, what happens to the note?
    If you draw a flag on a note, what happens to the note?
    The note duration is divided by 2

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