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Right across the strait from Madagascar, Africa offers another one of its attractions: the Republic of Mozambique. Let's get to know it better by answering as many questions as you can: Mozambique was colonized in 1505 by which European country? What is the capital city of Mozambique? What is the most widely spoken language in Mozambique? What are the 2 most popular religions in Mozambique?

In what year did Mozambique gain independence? What is the second largest city in Mozambique? Which river runs through Mozambique? Did we catch your attention yet? If so, then many more interesting facts await to be discovered! If not, then you definitely need to go through this one at least once; you've probably been cruising on the wrong shore!

This is a quiz about Mozambique, a country in the southern regions of Africa. Do you think your Geography and country history is good enough to know the answers to this quiz. Let us see. This quiz is rated medium difficulty to...

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    Where is the Capital situated in the country?

Mozambique Questions and Answers

  • Where is the Capital situated in the country?
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  • What is the most popular religion in Mozambique?
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  • The Banu languages and some of the muslim languages mixed and formed a language called...?
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