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Find out if you're a Southern Arizona weather whiz or rookie. Take our quiz. Choose an answer and click the "Next" button to reveal the answer. There is only one correct answer for each question. Click...

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    Which of the following is the correct way to use the word "monsoon?"

This Monsoon Quiz will prepare you for the Monsoon!  It will give you information on staying safe as well as on the science of the Southwest's unique season.

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    How far, in miles, can lightning travel from the storm causing it?

This test covers the different aspects of monsoon Asia that we have studied this semester.

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    The term monsoon means

Monsoon Questions & Answers

What time is it in California when it is 11:30pm in Indiam? This map shows standard time zones around the world. India has a nonstandard time zone. It is a half-hour off standard time. On this...
You need to refer to the map in order to find out what the answer is. The time in California is 11 AM based on the map. The world is said to be round and when it rotates on its own axis, some portion of the earth may get exposed to the sun while the
What is a monsoon?
A monsoon is known for being a large rainstorm plagued by gusty winds. Occasionally, the monsoon will be referred to as a period of time known for having these large rainstorms and are frequent in Southeast Asia. Some monsoons are not as forceful as
What is La Nia? Choose the most complete answer.
The trade winds begin blowing more strongly from east to west from South America into the Pacific, upwelling cool water. This results in cooler-than-normal sea surface temperatures in the equatorial Pacific. The Monsoon is often enhanced by La Niñ