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Related Topics

  • Why does Trump blame Mexico so much?
    Why does Trump blame Mexico so much?
    The administration of the current US President Donald Trump has not been getting the needed co-operation it wants from Mexico especially on the issue of the proposed wall to be built at the southern border that has been the operational ground for drug smugglers and illegal immigration. The Mexico government has been reluctant towards the project as Trump wants them to also pay for the wall. Donald Trump has several times threatened to impose tarrif on Mexico or close the US-Mexico border if illegally activities of the cartels by smuggling drugs into the United States do not stop. The threat is intended to push the Mexican government towards sustaining the international war on drugs dealers, but honestly the Mexican government has indeed tried their best to put a stop to the activities of drug smuggling into the United States but it seems the war declared on drug cartels is not yielding the desired results.

  • Do you think Mexico will ever pay for a wall?
    Do you think Mexico will ever pay for a wall?
    The idea of building walls at the US southern border with other neighboring countries like Mexico is aimed at reducing the illegal activities of human smugglers at the border and the rate at what illegal immigrants are trooping into the United States. Donald Trump, before his election had made it clear he would ensure that Mexico pay for the wall and he has since been reassuring that Mexico will pay for the wall. But the question is will Mexico pay for it?, the answer as of the moment is still no, because Mexico has never demonstrated any move that would hint whether the country will pay for the wall. Another reason Mexico will not fully comply is that, this project will be more beneficial to the US than to Mexico. Another reason why Mexico might not pay is that, Trump categorically said he would build a wall between the United States and Mexico very inexpensively, and this is raising the question that why would you have Mexico paid for the wall when you can build the wall inexpensively.

  • Which are the most dangerous cities for a tourist to visit in Mexico?
    Which are the most dangerous cities for a tourist to visit in Mexico?
    The choice to visit a tourist centre is the right of every tourist. But one needs to be cautious of the environment in which the tourist centre is located. Going for a vacation in Mexico is the nicest decision any tourist especially Americans would make. But there are some cities in Mexico that are not safe for tourism, in fact one should give any plan to go for tourism in such places a second thought. - Los Cabos is the most dangerous of all cities in Mexico despite the fact it remains a major tourists hotspot, tourists are always advised to be cautious of their activities in the city. The homicide rate of the city is 111.33 homicides per every 100,000 people -Acapulco is the second most dangerous city in Mexico, the city still attract tourists despite the activities of drug dealers which most times results to violence . Other dangerous cities in Mexico are Tijuana, La Paz, Culiacán and Ciudad Juarez.

  • What factors led to the PRIs loss of political power in Mexico?
    What factors led to the PRIs loss of political power in Mexico?
    The Partido Revolutionario Instituciona (PRI) is a Mexican political party founded 4 March 1929, the party ruled Mexico for 71 years. This party choose leader from their party every 6 years. Along the line, government began to encourage freedom of speech and encourage the formation of new political party. At this period, the new oil reserve was found which improved the economy of the country. However the drop in oil price causes difficult for the PRI. They suffered budget deficit, which made them privatized many government companies which led to increase in unemployment rate and the people protest in 2000 and the PAN defeated the PRI candidate and became the President of Mexico.

  • What is the unit of currency in Mexico?
    What is the unit of currency in Mexico?
    The unit currency in Mexico is called peso or Mexican Peso. It is worthy to note that when we talk about currency, we should always check if certain countries share the same unit of currency. For example, Mexico and the Philippines both have the unit currency of peso. So we should always point out that the currency of Mexico is Mexican peso and not just peso. Mexico had different banknotes and coins since its first issue in 1863, but today, the country uses banknotes such as 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 and coins such as 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents, 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20. Today, 17.82 Mexican Peso is equivalent to 1 US dollar.

  • Who drew up Ostend Manifesto that  proposed the purchase from Spain of Cuba?
    Who drew up Ostend Manifesto that  proposed the purchase from Spain of Cuba?
    James Buchanan

  • Who was the author of Uncle Tom's Cabin?
    Who was the author of Uncle Tom's Cabin?
    Harriet Beecher Stowe

  • Why does U.S.S have strained relations with Mexico?
    Why does U.S.S have strained relations with Mexico?
    US-Mexico relations is the foreign relations that exist between two countries. Despite the fact that the two countries are very close to each, there foreign relations is kind of poor. The people of Mexico are daily being hated by Americans and it is because of the illegal activities of some Mexicans who smuggle drugs into the United States. Also many Americans see Mexicans as parasites because their presence in the United States is depriving them of job opportunities. Another important foreign relation between US and Mexico is NAFTA, North America Free Trade Agreements. The deal between the two countries is being threatened as Donald Trump says he might pull out of the deal because he didn't enjoy the needed cooperation with the immediate former president of Mexico. However the new elected president has vowed to make new agreement with Trump on NAFTA.

  • Why didn't empires in Mexico stand a chance against Spanish conquistadors?
    Why didn't empires in Mexico stand a chance against Spanish conquistadors?
    Empires in Mexico particularly Aztecs did not stand a chance against Spanish conquistadors was because Spanish conquistadors had a very strong and experienced set of warriors than Aztecs. Aztec was invaded by a small group of Spanish conquistadors led by Hernan Cortes who was a brave and strong warrior, without him, it is believed Spanish would not have succeeded in defeating the Aztecs. Spanish warriors as at that time were described as the best in the Europe due to the level of training they subjected their soldiers to and the technologies which they used in fighting the enemy. According to history, Spanish warriors were very good at fighting Muslim in their own country, so doing that to empires in Mexico was an easy task for them. Another reason is that, the level of technology Spanish had was very higher than the Aztecs and since Spanish warriors have been equally trained to use those technologies, it became very easy for them to defeat empires in Mexico.

  • Why is Mexican considered a rising global power?
    Why is Mexican considered a rising global power?
    In not too distant future, Mexico would be ranked as one of those powerful countries in the world. Mexico is indeed heading towards becoming a great nation in terms of economy. Mexico economy is ranked in the 11th position of countries with the highest GDP in the world based on purchasing power. Yet Mexico has been called so many names, especially as Americans would always refer to them as Third World country, because of the way Mexicans usually troop into the United States for jobs opportunity and because Mexico is known for illegal activities like drug trafficking and other organized crimes. But all of these are changing as Mexico economy is one of the leading economies in the world and if this is sustained, it can make them a giant and a force to be reckoned with in the community of nations.

  • When is 'Day of The Dead' celebrated in Mexico?
    When is 'Day of The Dead' celebrated in Mexico?
    Day of the Dead which is also known as ''Día de Muertos'' in Spanish, is a part of the Mexican traditions which is targeted at remembering their deceased loved ones and the culture has successfully been passed from the old generation to the existing generation. The Day of the Dead is celebrated every November 1 to November 2 of every year. Many would expect it to be a mourning or gloomy day in Mexico but rather the two days are meant to celebrate the lives of the deceased children and adults, so that the living ones will also have the consciousness of how precious and sweet this life is. During the two days, it is a common practice for Mexicans to visit graveyards to decorate and honor the grave of their deceased loved ones, many people will even spend the whole there. November 1, is used to celebrate their children who have died because they believe the spirits of those children would visit them. The second day which is November 2, is used to honor every deceased adult.

  • Why is Mexico so crime-ridden despite a good economy?
    Why is Mexico so crime-ridden despite a good economy?
    Mexico is a country well known for criminal activities like drug trafficking and other organized crimes. In the recent time, Mexico has witnessed a positive growth in their economy, but the problem still lies at the increasing rate of criminal activities in the country. The reason why Mexico is still crime ridden despite good economy is because of the activities of the cartels have not totally controlled. You don't expect those who involved and benefited in drug trafficking and other organized crimes when the country economy was very bad to stop their operations because the economy is now looking good. Also people seem to be benefiting from all these criminal activities, what you stand to gain when you engage yourself in it is quite more than what you would realize when doing all other legitimate businesses. Most crimes in Mexico are directly or indirectly as a result of the activities of cartels.

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