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Are you ready to test your knowledge about man? Discover what you know about the male body? From head to toe men are full of surprises. These quizzes are full of interesting trivia sure to catch the eye of both men and women alike. Prove what you know about the rougher sex today and take these quizzes!

Early in life men experienced two bursts of testosterone. What two signals do these burst send? True or false: Men often have flatter and wider feet providing them with better balance and a more stable base. Can men slow their aging process from the neck up? Evolutionary psychology suggests that the shape of what male body part is designed to displace the semen of recent rivals? True or false: men can lactate. You’d be surprised by some of the answers; but there’s only one way to find out what you really know about men. Take these quizzes now!

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  • What do you want your perfect man to look like? Click all that apply.

  • Glasses or no glasses?

  • What hair color would your perfect man have?

  • Are you into sports? Do you want to date an athlete?
    Man question from

  • Check off all that apply. What's a mans best trait?
    Man question from

  • Do you want a family man?
    Man question from

  • What colour is your hair?Any shade of:

  • What colour are your eyes?

  • Skin Tone?

  • When Mr Penaflor was found...

  • In the third paragraph, we learn that Mr Penaflor...

  • Penaflor's hunting partner realized Penaflor was lost when...