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If you think you know it all when it comes to boys then these are the perfect quizzes for you. No Girls allowed in the answers to these great quizzes all about boys. We’re sure you’ll be all buoyed up if you can get a high score and boy will you be over the moon at showing us how clever you are.

That’ll definitely be the case if you can answer question such as these: Can you tell us the most popular boy’s name? How many boys has Victoria Beckham given birth to? Who gets the best results at school, boys or girls? We hope you’ll be all adult when it comes to answering these questions but boy will you be able to boast to your friends how clever you are when you get a top score. No girlie fits allowed if you get the questions wrong.

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  • What are you wearing?

  • Favorite color?

  • Which of these magical creatures would you want to be?

  • How often do you see each other?

  • Does he try to make you laugh?

  • How often do you catch him staring at you?

  • You see your crush and you feel nervous. You start checking yourself and see if you look hot. You walk up to her and say, Hey, (whatever her name is)! What's up? (Let's say her name is Ashlynn and your name is Troy! :D) Ashlynn: Oh hey, Troy. What's up? You (Troy): Nothing much. You? Ashlynn: Same same. Which class are you going to next? Troy: Math. You? Ashlynn: (Gasp!) Me too! Troy: Come on, I'll walk with you to math class. What does she usually say back to you?

  • Have you ever heard a girl gossip about you?

  • Do girls bully you?

  • You are asked to go to a movie by a boy, what type of movie are they going to want to watch
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  • There is a local car show coming to town, your boy crush will...
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  • What does your boy crush want to do on a Saturday?
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