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We shall now venture into Northern Africa and explore the splendors of Libya. For starters, let's have a go at the following: what is the national currency of the State of Libya? What colors are on Libya’s flag? In what year did the country gain its independence? Which major desert is partly in Libya? How many countries have borders with Libya?

What body of water borders Libya? What country borders Libya on its southeast corner? If you find these questions easy then we have more for you: Libya is rich in what? When did colonel Gaddafi rule Libya? How long is the Libyan Mediterranean coastline? The country is generally known as Libya, but what was the name of the country after independence? If you know these then you are ready to try out the full Libya quizzes.

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    Libya is located in the northern part of

Libya Questions & Answers

Where is Muammar Gaddafi buried?
1. in an undisclosed location in the libyan desert.-deposed libyan leader muammar gaddafi was captured and killed on thursday, oct. 20. he was not buried until tuesday, oct. 25 in a secret location in the libyan desert to prevent the site from becomi