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Welcome to the home of world famous marathon runners: Kenya. Let's get ourselves acquainted with this beautiful land by whizzing through the following sample questions: where is Kenya located in Africa? What is the capital of Kenya? In 1963, Kenya gained its independence from the rule of which country? What is the most popular sport in Kenya? What is Kenya's Lake Nakuru National Park famous for? What ocean does Kenya border?

What is the denomination of money in Kenya? What does “ugali” means? What countries border Kenya to the North and to the South? We must now add that many more awesome questions are waiting for you, so keep on going and have a great time working through this country's intricacies. 

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    The Kenya Coat of Arms has 'Harambee' written on it.  Harambee means...

What do you know about Kenya?

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    What is the capital city of Kenya?

A game all about Kenya

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    What is the date of independence for chad?

Stuffs about africa's water crisis... in kenya.

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    How much do you know about Africa in general?

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