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Deep in the heart of Africa we venture for these quizzes and dare you to answer the following questions, concerning the intriguing Cameroon. What is the national currency of the Republic of Cameroon? In what year did the country gain its independence? So far so good, but let's leave aside the technical stuff and dig into something more subtle. Can you name the country's predominant religion? If not, then how about the country's best performance in a football world cup!

But wait, there's more. Let's see if you can find out what kind of government system they employ and how many chambers Cameroon's legislature has. Did we catch your attention yet? If so, then many more interesting facts await to be discovered! If not, then keep on going, you're sure to have a great time working through this country's facts and figures! 

This Quiz is built to help you test your knowledge about chapter I (Cameroun). 

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    Where is cameroon?

Cameroon Questions and Answers

  • Where is cameroon?
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  • Cameroon is about the seize of ?
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  • What language is spoke in Cameroun?
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