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Bordering the Sahara to the North and the Atlantic to the South, we arrive in the plains of Ghana. Give the following a go: Which is the official language of Ghana? Where is Ghana located? What kind of climate does Ghana have? How many people in Ghana live in extreme poverty (with less than 1,25 $ per day)? Which gesture is impolite in this cultural background?

What is a common form of transport in Ghana? Who was Ghana’s first prime minister? Who was the country's first president? What is the most popular sport in Ghana? Which country is to the east of Ghana? Did we catch your attention yet? We bet we did and that's why we prepared for you a lot more questions about this interesting country.

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    What is the capital city of Ghana?

This quiz will test your knowledge about the Ancient West African Kingdom of Ghana. Ready to put your mind to the test? 

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    When was the Empire of Ghana established?

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    When did Ghana gain its independence from Great Britain?

Unscramble the letters to find the right answer. All answers are related to the country of Ghana.

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This is a fun quiz to test your appreciation of the basics of customer Service. Have fun, print your certificate and enjoy every bit of the celebrations. Your Service throughout the year is highly appreciated!

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    1. Which of the following is more important during telephone communication?

Ghana Questions & Answers

What was the capital of the Empire of Ghana?
The Ghana Empire was situated in the region of present-day southeastern Mauritania and western Mali. Complex social orders in light of trans-Saharan exchange with salt and gold had existed in the district since old times, however the acquaintance of
How many people in Ghana live in extreme poverty (with less than 1,25 $ per day) ?
I suggest about 30% because of its increase in population more peope tend to live in poverty
Who made the Ghana coat of arms
Amon kotieThe coat of Arms was made by Amon Kotie 4 March 1957
Which kingdoms helped towards the decline of the Ghana Empire?
1. a & b-muslim raiders began attacking areas around the empire. ghana fought the raiders for 30 year and tried ruling the empire during the fighting. feudal states rose within the empire of ghana and attacked. the first attack isnt mentioned, but th