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Korea Questions & Answers

What is the difference between North and South Korea?
There was a time when north and south Korea used to be united, but because of some differences, they have decided that they would separate from each other. There are so many differences between the two. South Korea is known for producing KPop music f
What kind of bombs does North Korea have?
North Korea has a few bombs, but the exact number of these bombs remain to be hidden from the public. Tension has been rising between North Korea and the United States, especially when the former threatened to attack the latter last August. North Ko
What if North Korea nuked the US?
If North Korea decides to nuke the United States, it just simply means one thing: retaliation. North Korea has been very vocal on its plan to attack the United States, starting off with the waters of Guam. The official news agency of North Korea even
What happens if North Korea attacks Guam?
There is only one plausible scenario that will happen should North Korea decide to attack Guam: World War III. North Korea has been vocal about its plan on creating an “enveloping fire” around the territory of the United States especially