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There are few who can claim to have the expansive skill set of rapper, songwriter, record producer, film director, entrepreneur, and fashion designer. Jack of all trades, master of none does not hold true when that jack is none other than Kanye West. Raised in a middle class household in Chicago, Illinois, West has risen to stardom quickly in variety of fields, setting himself apart in ways that few others have matched. There’s so much to know and learn about Kanye West; will you take the test and see how you stack up?

How old was Kanye when he started rapping? What was his debut album called? How many albums has he sold..Over 15 million? 20 million? 25 million? What is the name of his record label? If you’re a real fan of this incredible talent, you should have no trouble answering these questions and more. Test yourself today by taking our quizzes on Kanye West!

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