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  • Why is Kanye respected in the rap industry?
    Why is Kanye respected in the rap industry?
    Kanye is respected in the rap industry because he changed the standards of hip hop. He changed the game that look like a prerequisite to have a career in the genre. In early 2000's hip hop followed a set of rules, the street and gangster attitude was associated with the genre. He bridged the gap that existed in hip hop. He brought different elements of hip hop to mainstream. As at the time rap music was dying he was able to twist it and turn it into a classic. Kanye's music is different, his style is ever changing and his music is good and not boring.

  • Why does Kanye want the 13th amendment repealed?
    Why does Kanye want the 13th amendment repealed?
    On TMZ live, Kanye West made it clear that he wants the 13th amendment to be changed not repealed. He stated in another tweet that the 13th amendment is a form of slavery in disguise. He wants to amend the 13th amendment because it has allowed the enslavement or involuntary servitude for those in prison. He agreed that he misspoke in his initial tweet about the 13th amendment.

  • Why is Kanye West so critically acclaimed?
    Why is Kanye West so critically acclaimed?
    Firstly, kanye West seems to rule the roost where rap is concerned. He's actually more popular with white people than black. Perhaps they get his rhythm better, I don't know. He's certainly been tremendously influential but it's probably the songs he's responsible for on the Jay-Z's album The Blueprint, that impressed the music gurus and kept Kanye West at the top of that tree.

  • Why do people like Kanye West?
    Why do people like Kanye West?
    Kanye West speaks his heart when he writes and performs his songs. They are not just 'numbers' that he wants to perform but things he wants to say, and to have the world hear about, mainly fair treatment of black people. He has the skill to put his feelings and ideas into a structure that catches the spirit of the moment, and with the sounds that appeal to most people when they want music in their lives. He does have a charismatic appearance, and this obviously helps a lot.

  • Why is Kanye West a laughing stock for mainstream social media?
    Why is Kanye West a laughing stock for mainstream social media?
    Unfortunately, those who reach the top and have screaming fans around them can develop a kind of madness. Kanye champions people of low status which is great, but is also is self-aggrandising to a ridiculous degree. His championing of Trump, of all people, has made him seem ridiculous parallel to the ridiculous ignorance and self-loving posturing of Trump. Worst of all is Kanye West's inability to cope when someone other than himself wins prizes. He was obviously never taught how to win modestly and lose generously.

  • Why did Kanye West rename himself to Ye?
    Why did Kanye West rename himself to Ye?
    On the one hand, Ye is just the end of Kanye's name, just as you'd use Nell for Danielle, perhaps. On the other hand Kanye noticed it was the most frequent word in the bible. I suspect he'd liked to have used God or Jesus, but balked at that. Kanye actually means the only one, and Ye is just the plural of you. He wanted to convey this closeness with his fans, that he, Ye, was You, all in one. A very confused reworking of being a God to all people. Yes, it's easy to see what he and Trump have in common. Self delusion and, unfortunately, power.

  • What makes Kanye West a good rapper?
    What makes Kanye West a good rapper?
    A good rapper is someone who can maintain the rhythm and sense while coming out with words that speak to a large number of people. It's the combination of message and rhythm. You also have to be able to perform rap with a delivery that catches the ear as well as the imagination. In Kanye West's case, saying the things that others dare not and then taking it a bit further. Some would say too far.

  • Is Kanye West the most controversial rapper of all times?
    Is Kanye West the most controversial rapper of all times?
    I do not think Kanye West is the most controversial rapper but he is definitely one of the most controversial rapper. He has been a controversial celebrity through out his career. He has been involved in many issues especially in politics and human rights. Most of his opinions are stated through tweets. He are some issues that made him controversial. In 2005, during a concert for Hurricane Katrina relief on NBC, he critized President George Bush for not caring for black people. In 2008, Kanye said he will go down history as the voice of his generation. He was greatly ridiculed by many for the statement. He was rebuked for his statement that Bill Cosby was innocent after over 50 women made allegations of sexual assault by Bill Cosby. Recently, he has been rebuked by his statement on the 13th amendment.

  • Which is your favorite Kanye West song?
    Which is your favorite Kanye West song?
    My favourite Kanye West song is Cops Shot the Kid because there's less backing on it and I like to hear his voice ringing out clearly without others singing too. The melody's memorable, as are the words and the rhythm is unforgettable. It's a song with a clear message, so those who want to bring that sad episode to the eyes and ears of the world are helped by it. Some of his raps have been offensive to some people, but he believes he is speaking the words others have in their hearts.

  • Is Kanye west the most versatile rapper in the industry?
    Is Kanye west the most versatile rapper in the industry?
    I doubt it. Let's have a competition and get all the rappers internationally together and see what we think. He's done very well but in ten years, forty years time will his music have the same impact? While there are minority groups being very badly treated, his rapping works. When things are fairer, as we must trust they will be, I doubt if he will have any kind of following, and as he says himself, he's no great singer. He says some outrageous (often offensive) things, and if these are put in a rap, people who think it but couldn't risk saying it, feel empowered.

  • Is Kanye just trying to attract attention with his controversial actions?
    Is Kanye just trying to attract attention with his controversial actions?
    I do not think Kanye West is trying to attract attention with actions that has become controversial. Right from early 2000's Kanye has always spoken about how blacks are treated in America though his views on alot issues have been rebuked by many, Kanye has not stopped advocating for true freedom and equal treatment for blacks. Even in his latest tweets, Kanye address how the 13th amendment is affecting those in prisons and a need for a change of the amendment. I think Kanye has the interest of the blacks and he is not doing all of these to attract attention to himself.

  • Is 'Stronger' the best Kanye West song?
    Is 'Stronger' the best Kanye West song?
    I doubt it. It certainly has impact, but then don't all Kanye West's songs? It's possible that Kanye himself picks the best of his work when he said that 808s & Heartbreak "redefined the sound of radio," although he went on to say he wasn't that good a singer. He seemed most proud of 808 at that stage of his career (last year) anyway.

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