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  • What is Taylor's Lucky Number?
    What is Taylor's Lucky Number?
    13She was born on the 13th, her 1st album went gold in 13 weeks, anytime she has been seated in row 13 or row M (the 13th number) at an awards show she has won an award, she turned 13 on Friday the 13th, her 1st 1 song had a 13 second intro.

  • Name one of Taylor's singles (that means it wasn't in any albums-- she released it on its own).
    Name one of Taylor's singles (that means it wasn't in any albums-- she released it on its own).
    1. You Belong with MePicture to Burn and Sparks Fly are in her album Speak Now; The Best Day is in her album Fearless.

  • Her first album is:
    Her first album is:
    Her first single is Tim McGraw but her first album is Taylor Swift.

  • Was big machine records an old record label when she started?
    Was big machine records an old record label when she started?
    No, it was a new record that her manager planned to make when he split form his own recoding.

  • This anwser does not count. Do you love Taylor Swift?
    This anwser does not count. Do you love Taylor Swift?
    I love taylor swift yes yes i do how bout you how bout dat

  • Why is Taylor Swift so overrated?
    Why is Taylor Swift so overrated?
    Taylor Swift is a capable singer, international sensation, and respectable songwriter, but there is very little depth to her music. She doesn't necessarily have a serious impact on society. Her songwriting is simple and sometimes even juvenile. She is a typical mainstream artist. She is very poppy and predictable. She does, however, know how to play a variety of musical instruments. These include the guitar, piano, banjo, ukulele, and the saxophone, which is admirable. She also tends to write a lot of break-up songs, which are monotonous, and overplayed on the radio.

  • Why did Taylor Swift skip the MTV VMAs?
    Why did Taylor Swift skip the MTV VMAs?
    Swift was not nominated for an award this year. Taylor's absence from the show directly followed MTV's announcement that Kanye West would be given four minutes of airtime to do as he pleased on the broadcast. Tensions between Swift and West ran high earlier in the summer after Kim Kardashian leaked video of West's song, "Famous." Swift said that the song is misogynist. In 2009, Kanye stormed onstage just as Swift was being presented an award. He cut the startled singer off, and he grabbed the microphone and protested in support of Beyonce. The two of them have years of resentment between them.

  • Who is Taylor Swift dating as per the sources?
    Who is Taylor Swift dating as per the sources?
    Taylor Swift’s love life has been of universal interest to the fans. She has been the victim of many nasty rumors. She dated Joe Jonas. He broke up with her in a phone call. She also dated Lucas Till and then Taylor Lautner. She had a relationship with the musician John Mayer, and they met when the two of them teamed up for the song, “Half of my Heart.” She dated Cory Monteith, who plays on the show, “Glee.” She also dated actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Many tracks on her album, “Red,” are said to be about Gyllenhaal, including, the poppy and infectious hit song, “We are never getting back together” and “All too well.”

  • What type of person is Taylor Swift?
    What type of person is Taylor Swift?
    Taylor Swift is a kind and loving person, who has a fondness for everyone. She is very artistic and intelligent, and she is an entertainer and a fantastic performer. Swift is doing her own thing and making the best of it. She has been said to illustrate some traits of Asperger's Syndrome. She was born and raised in Pennsylvania. She moved to Nashville Tennessee at the age of 14 to pursue a career in country music. She is a multi-talented performer and a very gifted songwriter. She is close to her parents, and she is also close to her younger brother. Taylor Swift has been interested in pursuing a career in music since childhood, performing in Four Berks Youth Theater Academy Productions. She was a dreamer, but she worked hard to become the person she is now.

  • Why do some people hate Taylor Swift?
    Why do some people hate Taylor Swift?
    Taylor Swift is suing fans who sold her trademark merchandise on Etsy. These items included Taylor Swift dolls, candles with song lyrics on them, and nail decals. She has also trademarked certain phrases that feature in her song lyrics. She has trademarked, "This Sick Beat." Swift seems to go to great lengths to protect her property. She also tends to jump from one relationship to the next, and when it is over, she always plays the injured party, especially in her music. Even, some people, (not me) get annoyed that her cats have their own twitter.

  • Which Taylor Swift's song do you like the most?
    Which Taylor Swift's song do you like the most?
    “Shake it off” is my favorite Taylor Swift song. It is on her fifth album, “1989.” The song was written by Swift, Max Martin, and Shellback. It is an up-tempo dance-pop track, which is a departure from her signature pop-country style. It was Swift's second number one single in the United States and it won many awards and accolades. The song addresses Swift's haters and the rumors about her. She has discussed the message of this song, which is let the haters go on hating because that's what they do, and the only thing you can do about it controls your reaction. It's about not allowing people to steal your joy. She has said about that song, that it showcases her sense of humor.

  • What genre of music does she sing?
    What genre of music does she sing?
    Pop and Country

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