Top Taylor Swift Quizzes & Trivia

We all love Taylor Swift! Do you think her support of Emma Watson as the real feminist icon is worth a praise? Do you believe in her and listen to her songs everyday? Are you a big fan? Then, prove it to the world. This is your chance to show it to the world that you are a TS fan! 

Did you know that both Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama shamed Kayne West for his interruption of Swift during the 2009 VMAs? Taylor Swift sure has back up. Curious how much of an expert you are on this singer/songwriter? Measure your Taylor Swift smarts now by taking our quizzes about everything Taylor Swift. Ready now?

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  • Love is tough, describe your love life from the below choices:
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  • There's a big chance in front of you- it's exciting and once in a lifetime- but it will most likely end badly. What do you do?
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  • Which of these best describes your best friends?
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  • Which one of these songs are not singles (not in an album)?
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  • What was Taylors job growing up?
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  • Who  is Cory in the song Stay Beautiful?
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  • In her song superstar, what comes after this: You'll never see, you sing me to sleep.......?

  • Finish:All I really want to do is stand next to you...

  • Finish:She can't see the way your eyes, light up when you smile....

  • There is a food fight going on in the cafeteria. What will be your move?

  • What do you really like to wear?

  • What is your favorite hobby?