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  • Are Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper secretly dating?
    Are Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper secretly dating?
    That is actually a very genuine question to ask after the recent Oscar ceremony. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have raised so many eyebrows that they have quite literally broken the internet. That rendition of Shallow was one of the most beautiful and romantic performances I’ve ever seen at an Oscars ceremony. This definitely melts my heart. The added cherry on top is the fact that they are two very talented individuals with mad chemistry between them. As for them dating, I believe that is highly unlikely but in Hollywood, weirder things have happened. They both have a good track record of praising each other and genuine fondness for each other that even actual body language observers find it hard to deny that they might be starry-eyed, star-crossed lovers. Kinda seals the deal, this one! The secret dating rumors got a bigger audience ever since Lady Gaga broke up with her fiance recently but I believe the uncontainable attraction for Cooper might just be a frustration crush. There is one confirmed fact though: they are definitely each other’s muse.  

  • Why did Lady Gaga end her engagement with Christian Carino?
    Why did Lady Gaga end her engagement with Christian Carino?
    Lady Gaga ended her relationship with the talent agent, Christian Carino because the two had differences they could not settle. They argued a lot and failed to get along which in her book mean they had no business getting married. It was rumored that he had another girlfriend on the side. That turned out not to be true. It was also rumored that she had another boyfriend on the side which also turned out to be just gossip. When two powerful personalities don't get along, they do so very loudly. Neither were willing to back down and at least they were smart enough to see that and to call it off once and for all. There are other reasons besides. Some of those reasons we will probably never know and it may be best that way.

  • Can you complete these lyrics from Just Dance? Dont worry about puncuation. What's going on, on the floor? I love this record baby, _____________________. Keep it cool. What is the name of the...
    Can you complete these lyrics from Just Dance? Dont worry about puncuation. What's going on, on the floor? I love this record baby, _____________________. Keep it cool. What is the name of the...
    1. But I can t see straight anymore2. But i cant see straight anymore3. But I can t see straight anymore4. But I cant see straight anymore

  • Why did Lady Gaga used to dress so absurdly?
    Why did Lady Gaga used to dress so absurdly?
    Everyone wants to know why the iconic Lady Gaga dresses so absurdly. The truth of the matter is much different than what most people think. Some believe she is just trying to get attention. While that is common for singers and celebrities, and is somewhat true of her, mainly she is trying to get her point across in most instances, When Lady Gaga wore the "meat dress" to the MTV awards, she got a lot of attention, both good and bad. Most were simply stunned and weren't sure what to think about it. And that was exactly what the singer was hoping for. She wanted to make a statement and that statement was to tell everyone how much their opinions, thoughts, and feelings matter. She said later that those who don't make their feelings and opinions known have no more than the meat on their bones. While there are messages behind many of the outrageous clothes Lady Gaga wears, most believe that she just wants to be different, for whatever reason there is behind it Some think that's a good and positive thing and other's think it's as absurd as her clothes are.

  • Why should Lady Gaga win an Oscar for A Star Is Born album in 2019?
    Why should Lady Gaga win an Oscar for A Star Is Born album in 2019?
    Lady Gaga should definately win an Oscar for her performance alongside Bradley Cooper because she was stellar in the movie. Acting isn't her natural talent but she got in there and did all she needed to do to make it happen and she did it first class. The music along that she performed was out of this world. Lady Gaga captivates her audiences, even when acting. She always has with her singing but now, she is stretching herself to attain an even higher goal because she wasn't born an actor, she had to work for it. That is to be respected. it is not just a talent, but it is a gift. Because she is able to capture the audience is the main reason Lady Gaga should win an Oscar. Anyone can sing or act but to draw the people in is an art that should be rewarded.

  • Who will be the next date of Lady Gaga for Oscars 2019 as she is no longer engaged?
    Who will be the next date of Lady Gaga for Oscars 2019 as she is no longer engaged?
    While Lady Gaga could take just about anyone she wanted to take to the Oscars as her date, the icon singer took her manager, Bobby Campbell. it was a question everyone was asking, who she would be going with. After her breakup with Christian Carino who she was engaged to until a week before the awards. Lady Gaga and her manager share a close friendship and it was only fitting that he accompany her. The two are great friends and since there was no other love interest for Gaga at the moment, it made sense to go with the man who has helped her get where she is today. Bobby Campbell didn't feel like he was a back-up plan, according to reports from his friends. He was happy to go with Lady Gaga under any circumstance. Of course, it is likely that he would have understood if she had gone with her fiance but since she doesn't have one of those anymore, he had a great view of the awards and a wonderful person to share it with.

  • What is the net worth of Lady Gaga?
    What is the net worth of Lady Gaga?
    We all know that Lady Gaga has tons of money. But it might throw you to find out just how much she really has. Before she made the movie "A Star is Born", the famous singer had 275 billion in the bank. Now, it is said that she has in the neighborhood of 300 billion (that's with a "b"). That's...a lot of money! It all began with the debut of "The Fame", her very first album. It was all dollar signs from there. It seems that everything she touches turns to dollar bill signs, and...rightly so. The woman is overflowing with talent and oozing with all things people love like the tenacity to stand up for what she believes in and the nerve to wear absurd clothes like the "meat dress". She's unique and so is her bank account. Where will her fortune go from here? No one knows but most are pretty sure that the sky is the only real limit.

  • Should I watch Lady Gaga's A Star Is Born album even if I don't like her?
    Should I watch Lady Gaga's A Star Is Born album even if I don't like her?
    By all means, you should watch "A Star is Born". It is a great movie in which Lady Gaga plays a starring role. It's a remake from a 1976 movie with the same name that starred Barnara Streisand. The 1976 movie became a classic in the eyes of many. You should also listen to the soundtrack separately so you can envision things with your own heart and imagination. That is what this movie is all about...getting in touch with your feelings. It would be a shame for anyone not to see the movie, regardless of if you saw the 1976 version of it or not. It has an awesome story line and Lady Gaga was fabulous in it as were the others who played in it. So, YES, YES, certainly should!

  • Why did Lady Gaga shift to acting?
    Why did Lady Gaga shift to acting?
    While rumors are flying that since Lady Gaga did so well in her starring role in "A Star is Born", she will be leaving her singing career and shifting over to acting. But that's not going to happen. The iconic singer was born to sing but not necessarily born to act. The performance she gave in the movie was good but it took a lot of practice and did not come as natural as her singing does. Lady Gaga has made it known that singing is her first love. She does enjoy stretching herself and trying new things and is honored that her shot at acting had such a good recpetion.   But, that is not what she wants to do for the rest of her life, according to reports that have been published. Once again, rumors take the stage. The runmors about Lady Gaga quitting her singing career and going to acting are simply not true. Her fans would love to see more of her in movies but not at the cost of losing her concerts and sining performances. it's just not happening.

  • Why did Lady Gaga's fame as a musician fade?
    Why did Lady Gaga's fame as a musician fade?
    Lady Gaga's fame as a musician went down because, frankly, what goes up...yup, must come down. It's not at all unusual for a singer's popularity to rise and fall. She is still an awesome singer with a crazy huge fan base. The fans she has are devoted so they don't seem to mind if she's not the hottest item at the present. They are still in love with her. In a world where no singer or celebrity is safe, everyone's status will fade at times. Lady Gaga doesn't seem to mind that her popularity as a female musician isn't at its peak. She has a great movie out, A Star is Born, and that has been her focus for a while. Lady Gaga is multi-talented. So, although her popularity isn't up to what it used to be, it's still enough for those who love her most.

  • How far is it true that Lady Gaga and fiance Christian Carino called off their engagement?
    How far is it true that Lady Gaga and fiance Christian Carino called off their engagement?
    It is completely true that Lady Gaga and her fiance, Christian Carino, called their wedding off. They simply could not see eye to eye and it is now over. The two appeared together for the Grammy's but the disagreements between the two continued to heat up. Even at the Grammys, Lady Gaga wasn't wearing her diamond engagement ring so it was fairly obvious that something was amiss. Lady Gaga and talent agent, Christian Carino, were quite a pair. They took their fans by a storm when they announced their engagement in October. Everyone was anxious for the two to wed. Many wanted to see what type of an outfit the iconic singer would have on at the wedding. But now, no one will ever know what she would have worn or if the marriage would be made in heaven...or not. The two have broken up and there will be no wedding for Lady least not with this man.  

  • How many awards have been won by Lady Gaga till now?
    How many awards have been won by Lady Gaga till now?
    Lady Gaga has won many awards in her lifetime. But how many? She has won a total of nine Grammy awards over the years. The first one was for "Just Dance". She then had a little break but then was nominated for three more for her dance with Tony Bennett. But, she didn't win. Not only has she won nine Grammy awards, she has been nominated a total of twenty-four times. Just one nomination would be a lifetime achievement for many aspiring singers. It is clear that Lady Gaga is talented and very loved. She appears with grace and takes it well when she doesn't win but, of course, takes it even better when she does win. Lady Gaga is loaded with talent. No matter if she wins or not, she is a show stopper. She's definately taken home her share of awards and it is very doubtful that we've seen the last of them. The woman is a star and since she is now making films to, the sky is the limit.  

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