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These quizzes are designed to teach you about the origin and history of Jewish people and their religion. Are you aware of what being Jewish truly means? Jesus was Jewish, and Christianity has been derived from this practice, so it is a widely practiced religion, all around the world.
Jewish tradition is traced back to Biblical times, as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were Jewish, as well as many others in the Bible. Do you know what Jewish people practice and on what holidays? What are the Jewish beliefs? Take these quizzes and broaden your knowledge on the Jewish religion, and take fun quizzes about Jewish celebrities, finding out who practices this religion, it may be your favorite actor! 

Jewish Questions & Answers

How often he is obligated to have sex with his wife according to the Rabbis in the Mishna? Matt is a donkey driver.
Once a weekThe Mishna says once a week for a donkey driver. But ladies, men of leisure are required to have sex every day. However, if you marry a sailor he is only required to have sex with you once in six months!
How many candles are there on the Menorah?
8 98 or 9 are both acceptable answers because you can either count the center candle or not.