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  • In an isotope, which part of the atom changes?
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  • How does it change?
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  • How do I form Li+?

  • Fe 2+ and Fe3+ are different __________. 

  • Cu2+ and Zn2+ are examples of ________.

  • What is the difference between atoms and ions when it comes to the number of neutrons?

  • In an atom, the numbers of protons and electrons are...

  • In an ion the numbers of electrons are...

  • Two isotopes have the same number of
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  • In the Meselson Stahl experiment, the reason for using different isotopes was that,
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  •  Radioactive Phosphorous was added to bacteria that were infected with viruses. Those viruses then were mixed with fresh bacteria and the infected bacteria were separated from the radioactive infecting viruses. The radioactive phosphorus was found in
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