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Ice Skating Questions and Answers

  • Which of the following is NOT required equipment?
    Ice skating question from

  • Substitutions happen
    Ice skating question from

  • Goals can be scored from a faceoff.
    Ice skating question from

  • Which woman was Russias hopeful for a figure skating Gold Medal in Salt Lake City 2002?
    Ice skating question from

  • Who were the first ice skating pairs team to lift the woman into the air, over the mans head?
    Ice skating question from

  • Who was the only person Katarina Witt lost the World Championship to between 1983 and 1988?
    Ice skating question from

  • What young skater won gold in the 1998 Winter Olympics in mens ice skating?
    Ice skating question from

  • Who won the pairs figure skating gold medal at the 1972 Sapporo Olympics?
    Ice skating question from

  • Who won the mens figure skating silver medal at both the 1984 and 1988 Olympics?
    Ice skating question from

  • Ice skatin if particularly valuable activity because it:
    Ice skating question from

  • Who invented the all-steel clamp on ice-skate?
    Ice skating question from

  • What skate led to the first spins and jumps?
    Ice skating question from

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