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Ah, the International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management. This organization, based in Chicago and boasting over 9,000 members, serves as an association for professionals in healthcare central service materiel management. The IAHCSMM provides professional certifications for individuals in this field, including the Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST) for knowledge of sterile processing and distribution of medical supplies; the Supervision Principles: Leadership Strategies for Healthcare Facilities (CHL), dealing with service professionals in management and supervisory roles; the Certification in Healthcare Materiel Management Concepts (CHMMC) in management and strategic planning for healthcare professionals; and the Certified Instrument Specialist certification.

So, are you up to snuff on this association and their certifications? Need to brush up for test questions? Well, take our quizzes and test your skills. How are soiled instruments to be handled? What is surgical asepsis? What percent of microorganisms can grow at human body temperature? Test your knowledge on these questions and more!

It is essential to ensure that for every job you wish to get, you have the corresponding qualifications for someone in that position. Below is an IAHCSMM Certification exams practice quiz for anyone who is having a hard time...

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    If the Flash sterilization load consists of a single instrument comprised of metal and without lumens, a ___________ cycle at 270deg F (132deg C) should be used.

Below is an IAHCSMM Trivia Practice Test. This test is specifically designed to help you revise adequately for the upcoming certification exams. Do you feel like you have enough knowledge to tackle the exams? Do give the quiz a...

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    Wich of the following is a system used to treat the final rinse water used for cleaning?

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    Instruments with lumens should be soaked in a horizontal position.


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    Wich of the following is a system used to treat the final rinse water used for cleaning?

When it comes to the medical industry, there is a lot of caution that should be taken within the vicinity and when it comes to patients. The IAHCSMM exam is designed to give certificates to medical professionals that deem...

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  • Sample Question
    Instrument making tape should be wrapped approximately ____________ around the instrument.

IAHCSMM Questions & Answers

When should surgical instruments be inspected?
You have the same answer two times and it counted my answer wrong. Need to be corrected!
What does the term "periosteal elevator" refer to?
The function of periostal evelvator is remove tissue around the boneis correct .
What is the first step in the sterilization process?
The technical manual states that cleaning is the first step in the process
Who should provide written cleaning instructions for surgical instruments?
Correct answer to this question on who provides instructions for cleaning surgical instruments is the instrument manufacture. The detergent only instructs regarding how to use their detergent.