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  • What is the difference between Indian And Hindu?
    What is the difference between Indian And Hindu?
    Indian and Hindu are two different terms. Indian refers to a citizen of India. India is one of the most populous countries in the world. And the word 'India' can be used for a lot of things. It can be used to describe someone that lives in India. You might not be a citizen of India by birth, by you can be called an Indian by virtue of marriage, or by honorary citizenship. Indian can also be used for a lot of things that belong to India. Hindu, on the other hand, refers to someone adhering to Hinduism. This means Hindu is any person who believes in Hinduism and follows the various doctrines and practices of Hinduism. According to this definition, it shows that a person can be adhering to Hinduism without necessarily a native of India. Hindu can be anybody as long as the person is faithful to the teachings and practices of Hinduism

  • What is the goal of all Hindus?
    What is the goal of all Hindus?
    Liberation from the karmic cycle of death and reincarnation

  • Who is Brahman?
    Who is Brahman?
    Hindu name for bad omens

  • What is Moksha?
    What is Moksha?

  • What is Manava Dharma?
    What is Manava Dharma?
    The religion of mankind

  • What is Arya Dharma?
    What is Arya Dharma?
    The Noble Religion

  • What is Vaidika Dharma
    What is Vaidika Dharma
    Law of the Vedas

  • What is Santana Dharma?
    What is Santana Dharma?
    The Eternal Law

  • What was the name of father in law of ravana?
    What was the name of father in law of ravana?

  • Who broke one of the teeth of lord ganesha?
    Who broke one of the teeth of lord ganesha?

  • What was the name of dhanusha broken by rama?
    What was the name of dhanusha broken by rama?

  • What was the name of father of ravana?
    What was the name of father of ravana?

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