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Known mainly as Fred, Frederico Chaves Guedes is a Brazilian professional football player who plays as a striker for Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A Club Fluminense. He has also played for the Brazil national team. If you follow football, then you must have been already familiar with his basic biography, but how is your advanced knowledge of all things Fred?

How many league 1 titles did he win while playing for France? How fast did he score his famous goal that broke speed records? How many goals did he score in the 43 games he played in during the 2005 season for Cruizeiro? In which year was he awarded the Silver Shoe? Take our Fred quizzes today and see how fast you can score!

ICarly - iMeet Fred

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    Which year was the greatest year of Spencer’s life? *Easy*

All you know about funny guy fred.

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    Does Fred have a backwards (R) in his name?

Fred is a Brazillian midfielder that plays for English  league as Manchester United player. The Midfielder was immense during his stint in Ukraine winning multiple league titles. He was also part of the Brazil 2018 FIFA...

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    Fred started his professional career with which Brazilian club?  

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