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Breath in, calculate your position, breath out, evaluate your strategy, breath deep and spring to attack! Dribble past the first question, fake the following ones, pass to move forward, and you shoot to an ecstatic score! It’s goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal for you if you take these quizzes and use your skills as a real soccer fan to answer questions like: “What is the official slogan of the International Federation of the Football Associations?”, “What is the name of the German composer that wrote the FIFA anthem?”

“What are the six international football confederation, and what geographical regions do they belong?”, and “Who are the official sponsors of the FIFA World Cup, named ‘FIFA Partners’?” Figure you can score this challenge and emerge a champion? Then fight your way to the last minute, and show your blood is thick with football!

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  • Player A6 takes a throw-in. The referee decides two things about that throw-in. The ball never entered the field ofplay. A6 did not throw the ball from over and behind his head.
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  • The following statements all pertain to goalkeeper possession and the ability of an opponent to play the ball whilethose actions take place. Which are legal for opponents to do?
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  • B4 trips A8 in the penalty area. The referee awards a penalty kick. As kicker A10 takes the run-up approach, B3 stepsthree yards into the penalty area. The ball goes into the net. What is the restart?
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