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    Joule’s law of heating is (1)        (2)         (3)            (4)

Electric current is flow of electricity through objects. As you are studying to become an electrical engineer one of the basic things to ensure you understand is how electric current and resistance. Take up the quiz below and...

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    In which direction does electric current flow around a circuit.

Time: 30 Minute

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    The magnetic field lines produced by a bar magnet:

Chapter 7 electric current

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    The current in a circuit equals the voltage difference divided by the resistance.

How well do you know photodiodes?�

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    When a photon of sufficient energy strikes the diode, it excites an electron, thereby creating a free electron. What is this phenomenon called?

Electric Current Questions & Answers

What is the definition of Biot-Savart Law?
The Biot Savart law is an expression of the magnetic field produced by a steady electric current. Deriving this law entails starting from Maxwell's equations, obtaining and solving Poisson’s equation for all three components of the vector poten
Why does current passing through a wire create a magnetic field?
Current flowing in a wire produces a magnetic field around the wire. In a coil, the field from the adjacent turns is the same direction, so it adds up. That is why a coil of wire makes a much stronger magnet than one with fewer turns. The magnetic fi
What units are used to measure current?
The SI unit for metering an electric current is the ampere, which is the stream of electrical charge across a surface at the ratio of one coulomb for every second. Electric current is gauged using a device called ammeter. Current is the flow of elect