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This is an test that I already took in Geometry class and I want to test you.This quiz includes if-then statements (conditionals), Two-step equations (proportions) etc.

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  • Sample Question
    Another name for an if-then statement is a _______? Every conditional has two parts. The part following if is the _______?, and the part following then is the _______?(In-order)

Enhance your critical thinking skills with this quiz.

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    A cerebral hemorrhage occurs when a defective brain artery bursts; therefore, a cerebral hemorrhage often can lead to a stroke.

Quiz yourself on the terms and concepts you learned in this section!

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  • Sample Question
    A valid argument is one with the following property:if the premises are all true, the conclusion cannot be false. 

Deductive Reasoning Questions & Answers

What is another term given for defining an if-then statement?
An if-then statement is statement of uncertainty. People often use these words to express doubt or wonder about different possibilities. There are a number of words that describe the use of these words. Some common ones include conditional, hypothesi
What is the contra-positive of If it is Thursday, then Terrence has basketball practice?
If Terrence does not have basketball practice, then it is not Thursday.
Which of the following choices shows a true conditional with the hypothesis and conclusion identified correctly? Conditional Statement If yesterday was Wednesday, then tomorrow is...
1. Hypothesis: Yesterday was Wednesday. conclusion: Tomorrow is Friday.They all may sound right, but choose carefully and look carefully at the question!