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Decimal Questions & Answers

What will you get when you subtract 86.3 from 86.366?
The answer to this is 0.066. Anything that is related to decimals can be complicated for some people especially those who do not like computing decimals at all but this time, computing the two decimal numbers are easy to do because you simply need to
What will be 7 X 0.65?
4.55 d d d d d d d d d
What is 56% expressed as a decimal?
When 56 percent is expressed as a decimal it becomes 0.56. It is easy to understand where the decimal point should go when working with percents. the whole number 56 is assumed to be 56.0 when converting this to a percentage the decimal point is move
How can I multiply a decimal number by another decimal number?
You should ignore the decimal points and multiply the digits. You should also count the total number of decimal places in both decimal numbers being multiplied.