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If you are a math genius then we know you will love our decimal math quizzes to test out and improve your knowledge of decimals! Decimals are so important in today’s world. Can you handle the decimals in your paychecks? How about those of a nanogram? Decimals are ever increasing in importance in today’s advancing society. Test out your knowledge of decimals with this fun and practical decimal quizzes!

Can you answer questions based on decimals such as, “How many decimals of a dollardo you need to earn per second in order to make up for an iPhone in a month?” and, “How much are you earning every 2.5 weeks?” Try out this marvelous math quizzes and become a decimal master. Get your numbers together and find out what else to do with decimals! Good luck!
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  • Sample Question
    When 1100010 is divided by 1010, what will be the decimal reminder?

This is a quiz involving Decimals =]

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  • Sample Question
    Calculate 4.5 x 6.6

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  • Sample Question
    The Brooklyn Battery Tunnel in New York City is 1.726 miles long. What is the value of the 2 in this number?

This quiz is an assessment of being able to convert a fraction to a decimal number and converting decimal numbers to percents.

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 630   |  Last updated: Jul 30, 2011
  • Sample Question
    What is this percent written in fraction and decimal form?5%

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Decimal Questions & Answers

What will you get when you subtract 86.3 from 86.366?
The answer to this is 0.066. Anything that is related to decimals can be complicated for some people especially those who do not like computing decimals at all but this time, computing the two decimal numbers are easy to do because you simply need to
What is the value of 1/3 in a decimal?
The 1/3 of a decimal is 0.33. Take note that this is already in its shortened form because if you would actually try to make it into a decimal, you will get something like 0.333… which, of course, you would need to shorten. Since the next numb
What is 56% expressed in decimal form?
When 56 percent is expressed as a decimal it becomes 0.56. It is easy to understand where the decimal point should go when working with percents. the whole number 56 is assumed to be 56.0 when converting this to a percentage the decimal point is move
What is the decimal equivalent for 5/8?
The correct answer to this question is .625. Decimals and fractions are related to the subject of math. To answer this question, one would use the 5/8 part of the question, which is a fraction. The 5 needs to be divided by 8. Once this is done, the d
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