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Ever wondered how much you know about culture shock? Take these awesome culture shock quizzes online to gain knowledge and flaunt it across the web. Tackle multiple choice questions, true or false questions, or yes or no questions, and more to discover amazing facts about yourself and the world. Play these culture shock quizzes as a party game or just have binge session for yourself.

With challenging questions to test your intelligence and questions that will have you in splits, we bet you will be glued to these culture shock quizzes for hours. These amazing culture shock quizzes are perfect for kids, teens, and inquisitive adults too!

Build your knowledge with culture shock quizzes created for a variety of topics. You name it and we have it all. What's more, you can create new quizzes on topics of your choice and share them to see who knows better.

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Culture Shock Questions and Answers

  • When does culture shock happen?
    Culture shock question from

  • How do you feel during the first stage of culture shock?
    Culture shock question from

  • How do you feel during the second stage?
    Culture shock question from

  • When you need information, your first impulse is to
    Culture shock question from

  • When your principal tells you to be on the look out for an email with important information, you
    Culture shock question from

  • When a student asks if she can submit her draft electronically, you
    Culture shock question from

  • What kind of document is it ?
    Culture shock question from

  • What is the text about ?
    Culture shock question from

  • Choose a title for the main topics dealt with in the first half of the document (6 answers expected)
    Culture shock question from

  • Antropologist have coined the term “cultures shock” to describe the effect that immersion in the strange culture
    Culture shock question from

  • It is what happens when familiar psychological Clues that help an individual to function in Society are suddenly withdrawn and _______ That are alien and incomprehensible.
    Culture shock question from

  • But most travelers ______ that the culture
    Culture shock question from

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