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What is your favorit padern
​skulls for lifeeefollow me on instagram :D im scene_kawaii_wolf!!!
Why was there a social stigma towards the emo culture?
The music that we listen to is the window to our souls. Music influences our ways and our mentalities affect the music we listen to. Emo Rock is a genre comprising hardcore punk rock and confessional lyrical writing. Emo culture ever since its early
What are the controversies behind the emo culture?
One of the major controversies that being emo has managed to produce is that people are now talking about mental health more freely. Emo is said to be a form of self-expression but there are some who are using being emo in order to hide that they are
Why did the emo culture wane away in the early 2010s?
Take note that the emo culture is not entirely unpopular anymore. There are still some people who are living the emo lifestyle although it was not as rampant as it was in the before. There was a time when it was cool so people wanted to be cool as we