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  • What is your favorit padern
    What is your favorit padern
    ​skulls for lifeeefollow me on instagram :D im scene_kawaii_wolf!!!

  • Why was there a social stigma towards the emo culture?
    Why was there a social stigma towards the emo culture?
    The music that we listen to is the window to our souls. Music influences our ways and our mentalities affect the music we listen to. Emo Rock is a genre comprising hardcore punk rock and confessional lyrical writing. Emo culture ever since its early days has been stereotyped by its signature fashion and music. Emo was always about discussing your inner feelings and bands usually concentrated on loss, grief and other similar concepts. The unprecedented rise of the emo culture was the reason for its stigmatization and backlash. It was the media’s fault and their presentation of this genre. The most used criticism by media said that the emo culture promoted self-harm, depression, hate for the society, and Satanism. The Emo culture attracted a huge fan base at its prime and nothing in it had to with the above said things. The reason the Emo culture attracted teenagers towards it was that it exposed the rising stress levels in teenagers and young adults and brought it out in front of the world. Its honest, hard-hitting lyrics combined with the beauty of grunge music made it relatable and provided a much-needed escape to rising pressures on young minds. It talked about the much ignored mental health of young minds and emo’s emergence is one of the main reasons that mental health is openly discussed nowadays. The misinterpretation on the media’s part has caused the emo culture much damage and ridicule over the decade and countries like Iraq went to the extents of executing teenagers who identified themselves as emo. In conclusion, if the media hadn’t panicked and calmed down, this stigma would never have existed in the first place.

  • What are the controversies behind the emo culture?
    What are the controversies behind the emo culture?
    One of the major controversies that being emo has managed to produce is that people are now talking about mental health more freely. Emo is said to be a form of self-expression but there are some who are using being emo in order to hide that they are disturbed. When people realized this, they started to talk more. They started to become more open about their feelings and emotions. Take note that emo only started as a genre of music but it was taken to a whole new level by a lot of people who just wanted to say what is on their minds in a different manner.

  • Why did the emo culture wane away in the early 2010s?
    Why did the emo culture wane away in the early 2010s?
    Take note that the emo culture is not entirely unpopular anymore. There are still some people who are living the emo lifestyle although it was not as rampant as it was in the before. There was a time when it was cool so people wanted to be cool as well. Now that there are other things that are popular, only those who are truly emo are left behind. Emo also changed and evolved by the time that new emo rock bands took the center stage back in the 2000s. If you would note the modern songs of today, there may still be some songs that seem to be inspired by the emo culture so it has not completely gone away.

  • When did emo culture become famous?
    When did emo culture become famous?
    Emo culture actually started in the mid-1980s but there are still a lot of people who think that it only started in the year 2000. An emo person is someone who is into hardcore punk. They love punk so much that they would start to dress emo as well. This means that their wardrobe would consist of everything black. They may become drawn towards tattoos and piercings. Some of their piercings are totally out of this world. Some emo people are considered to be mild but there are also others who have taken this culture to a whole new level. They have made changes to their bodies that made them hard to recognize already.

  • What should I do if my child is an emo?
    What should I do if my child is an emo?
    There are some people who say that there is no need to worry about the child being an emo because this is only a form of self-expression. There are moments though when the child being an emo takes things a little bit too far. For instance, the emo child may start to think that death is a cool thing because of the song lyrics that he has heard so far. He may begin to believe that nothing in his life is going right. These beliefs will make him harder to deal with. He may rebel against the world because he thinks that everyone is against him even when they are just trying to help.

  • What does the word 'emo' mean?
    What does the word 'emo' mean?
    Emo is actually a type of music that a lot of teens love. There are some who say that this is somewhat similar to punk music but there are some differences in terms of the lyrics of the songs that are used. There are some who say that emo music is usually more emotional and would usually talk about things that are sad or bad. Some say that emo people usually do things to harm themselves. They may do it in the form of self-mutilation like cutting himself. There are also some who are overly sensitive and are just angry with the world.

  • Which celebrities are part of the emo culture?
    Which celebrities are part of the emo culture?
    There aren’t a lot of people who realized that Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato went through a goth stage when they were still best friends. This major phase was then overwhelmed as they grew older. Jeffree Star is another celebrity who used to be emo. Now, if you would watch his YouTube videos, you may not see a trace of how emo he used to be. There was even a time when Taylor Swift tried the emo phase. There are some stars that are obviously emo especially those who are part of emo rock bands such as the members of My Chemical Romance. Can you still think of other emo artists that you know?

  • What is the country emoji used to symbolise Greenland?
    What is the country emoji used to symbolise Greenland?

  • What is the emoji representation of Benin?
    What is the emoji representation of Benin?

  • What is the emoji for Austria?
    What is the emoji for Austria?

  • What is the country of origin for the word 'Emoji'?
    What is the country of origin for the word 'Emoji'?

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