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  • What is the difference between Crystal and Gold Silver?
    What is the difference between Crystal and Gold Silver?
    Crystal, Gold and Silver are games produced by Pokemon and they are really interesting because they always meet the player’s entertainment needs. The three Pokemon games are similar, in that, they seem to contain the same story line except for some little exception. However, there are some differences between them. Crystal Pokemon is a game which can be considered to be the upgraded version of both Gold and Silver Pokemon. It comes with a lot of additional features which are not present in Gold and silver Pokemon games. These additional features make it to be more interesting than other Pokemon games. Another difference is that, you have a girl hero in crystal Pokemon, but there can only be one hero and it usually a boy hero in Gold and silver Pokemon games. When you are playing crystal Pokemon, you can have access to some secrets as regard your operation if you can interpret some messages written in an unknown language. There is nothing like message in Gold and silver Pokemon.

  • What is the difference between Crystal and Resonator?
    What is the difference between Crystal and Resonator?
    Aside from the fact that crystal and resonator are sources of the clock, you can still notice a whole lot of differences between crystal and resonator. The first notable difference between the two devices is actually on the accuracy. Crystal is more accurate than resonator because it has a tolerance of 30 to 50 ppm. The resonator, on the other hand, is not as precise as crystal, because it comes with an understanding of just 1percent. Another difference is on the temperature stability of the two. Crystal has a temperature stability of 0.005 percent, while resonator comes to the temperature stability of 0.1 percent. In terms of sensitivity, crystal is more sensitive than resonator. If the basis of our comparison is on their size, crystal is relatively larger than resonator, this means, resonator comes with a smaller size. Also, the resonator is easy to build, but the crystal is a little bit hard to make.

  • What is the difference between Crystal and Rhinestone?
    What is the difference between Crystal and Rhinestone?
    Crystal and Rhinestone are precious stones which are mostly used for decorations and jewelry. Jewelry made from crystal or rhinestone stones are not already jewelry, because both crystal and rhinestone stones are quality stones and they are not expensive to buy. However, there are some differences between them. Crystal is a solid composed of an array of atoms or molecules possessing long-range order and arranged in a pattern which is periodic in three dimensions. Rhinestones, on the other hand, are also made up of crystals, but some contain acrylic and glass. Another difference is that, crystals are more expensive than rhinestones, this might be because crystals are mostly used for decorations and jewelry making than rhinestones. Or probably as s result of the fact that crystals are generally shining stones and they are more durable i.e., they can be used for a long time, and they will still maintain their priorities.

  • What types of all crystals name you know?
    What types of all crystals name you know?
    Ionic crystals metallic crystals mollecular crystals and finally ionic crystals.

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