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Are you the diamond in the rough we're looking for? Are you cool as ice when it comes to taking quizzes? If you think you're the go-to-guy, or gal, when it comes to "crystals", then we have the quizzes that will make your eyes shimmer.

Can you name some examples of large crystals? Diamonds are some of the more popular ones. Do you have others in mind? Crystallization. Any idea how it occurs? Too easy? How about going deeper into the chemical processes undergone by crystals?

Are you set to answer questions about chemical bonds and stuff? We have quite a precious collection here. Stop hesitating ‘coz you're interest in these quizzes is quite crystal clear!

Are you ready? Show us your sparkle as you take on our "crystal" quizzes.

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  • Ct How many people die from crystal meth each year?
    Crystal question from

  • Which 1 of these effects are not true?
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  • Which one of these names arent a street name of Crystal Meth.
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  • Which of the following people related to Crystal came up with the idea of the name "Novalight"?

  • We know Crystal Novalights favorite color is blue. Specifically, which blue does she like?

  • What is Crystal Novalights preferred apparels for daily life? a.k.a. daily routine, casual wear etc.

  • Crystal Novalight goes to school...

  • When Crystal Novalight arrives at school, whats the first thing she does?

  • During assembly, Crystal Novalight prefers to stand at the back of her line. What was the reason she gave?

  • A taxi driver drives down a one-way street the wrong way and passes several police officers in the process. How does the driver avoid getting caught? Select the answer that you think is most appropriate.
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  • What's your zodiac sign? 
    Crystal question from

  • Are you here to find an easy 1-unit class? Select the answer that you think is most appropriate.  
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