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A comprehensive database of more than 20 CRCT quizzes online, test your knowledge with CRCT quiz questions. Our online CRCT trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top CRCT quizzes.

Have you ever taken a Criterion-Referenced Competency test? Do you know everything about these online tests? Can you name when these tests were developed and in which state? The CRCT tests are designed to test what children know about math, reading, English, and language arts from the first through the eighth grade.

Once kids reach third grade they are also tested on social studies and science. Can you explain how the scoring works for these tests? Do you know all about the controversy surrounding them? If you think you are an expert on the CRCT, then you should test your knowledge by taking one of our many quizzes! See how well you can do against the rest of the world and prove your knowledge!

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  • Look at the number pattern below.26  *  31  *  36  *  ___  *  46  *  51Which number belongs in the blank space?

  • Which number is even?

  • Which is the expanded form of 1,430

  • Command Economy means which of the following?

  • Entreprener means which of the following?

  • G.D.P means?

  • Which of these BEST describes what is being compared in the first paragraph of the passage?
    CRCT question from

  • Which of these BEST describes how coral reefs are similar to fish?
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  • Which one of these BEST describes the relationship between coral reefs and people?
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  • 64 people went to the park for a picnic.  The ice cream truck came with dessert,but only had 52 ice cream cones.  How many more ice cream cones are neededfor each person to have one for dessert?

  • Look at the number sentence below.    5 + 4 = 7 + ___Which number makes the number sentence true?

  • Mary and Joe watched the children on the playground.They wrote down how many people did each playground activity.They put the information in the chart below.GAMES PLAYED AT RECESS_______________________________________________Children who slid on the slide:            X  X  X  XChildren who jumped rope:                 X  X  XChildren who played on the swings:    X  X  X  X  X________________________________________________NOTE:  Each X stands for 5 students.How many students slid on the slide?