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Ariba! Get ready for the carnival! The lights, the colors, the costumes! How much do you know about the various costumes from around the world? Can you describe the colors and themes from in Mexico's Diå los dell Mortes?

Do you know what the ladies love to wear in the Brazillian Karnivol? And what about South Africa's Mardi Gras? All these will be asked, as well as trivia about the more well known and popular Halloween...get ready to celebrate, get ready to dance, get ready to live!
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Cosplay is a representation of a character we desire the most, it's more of an art form. People get to dress up as people they admire and even act the relative scenes. What should you cosplay as this year? Take up the test...

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    What is your favorite color?

The question of what to wear for a costume comes up from time to time. In the U.S. Halloween is a time to wear a cool costume of some sort, while a costume party or event is a good reason no matter where you live. Costumes can be...

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    Do you want to be scary?

Take the quiz! it could be interesting

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    Are you yong or Older?

A quiz for me for theatre.

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    What is one element of costume design?

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            The girl is wearing a red __________, red ________ and a yellow ________ on her        head. The boy is wearing blue      _________, a green __________ and green _________.


Costume Questions & Answers

What are the features of the Lambswool jacket?
Traditional fit with contemporary stylecolors and patterns updated to wear with jeans or dress pantsinterior french facingsoft fine wool fabric that promotes touchabilityWendy Coleman
When the restock arrives you need to-
Locate the restock immediately in the receiving area. You will be notified by your manager when it arrives. Take the scanner to the receiving area and complete the restock scan. Get the restock out on the display as soon as the scan is done. Uploa
Can I wear a bowtie to my job interview?
I will say 'NO'. Do not wear a bowtie to a job interview. 99% of the time, bowtie is not a good choice for an interview. You want to be noticed for your skills and abilities not by your eccentric dressing. You do not want to look like a individual th