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Computer Shortcut Key Questions and Answers

  •  Prt Scrn key is an abbreviation for:
    Computer shortcut key question from

  • What does F10 key do?
    Computer shortcut key question from

  • Move the cursor to the Address bar in Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.
    Computer shortcut key question from

  • What is the key combination on the Dell logo screen to trigger  the DELL PC RESTORE on Windows XP Systems?
    Computer shortcut key question from

  • What is the key combination on the Dell logo screen to trigger the DELL PC RESTORE on Windows VISTA Systems?
    Computer shortcut key question from

  • What is the trigger key that will lead to the 32-Bit diagnostics utility?
    Computer shortcut key question from

  • What shortcut command key should I use if I want to close an active window or quit a program?
    Computer shortcut key question from

  • I was typing my English paper and accidentally deleted part of my work. Which shortcut command can I use to undo the error?
    Computer shortcut key question from

  • What does the F3 key do?
    Computer shortcut key question from

  • Complete each of the following statements by indicating the letter of the correct answer in th eblank provided.  To Center Text
    Computer shortcut key question from

  • To Print
    Computer shortcut key question from

  • To Rename a File
    Computer shortcut key question from

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