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A programming language is one of the things that every programmer should have a proper understanding of as it is a set of grammatical rules that instruct a computer to carry out a specific task. One of the most common programming...

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    What is the most basic language Microsoft made?

There different types of programming languages in use today and we have been able to cover each of the major ones in depth. Do you feel like you understood them all, when and how to apply them? In this quiz you will get to review...

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    What does HTML stand for?

Unit exam over computer programming II chapter 3.

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    During program development, software requirements specify

C++ is a high-level language that programmers need to have some necessary information on. We got to discuss how to use it to achieve the right functions of the central processing unit. This quiz contains 10 questions that pertain...

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    Given the enumeration defined by the following line, what is the value of UNBEATABLE ? enum difficulty {NOVICE=1, EASY, NORMAL, HARD, UNBEATABLE};

Computer programming is one of the jobs where you don’t need to be in an office but can work from anywhere. A computer program is vital in ensuring that the user gets to meet their need from the computer. Are you preparing...

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    It is an electronic device capable of performing complex computations in a short time.Application 

Computer Programming Questions & Answers

What is the difference between EXE and DLL?
These two terms are used in programming. You can export your finished project to either EXE or DLL after coding. EXE makes it possible to identify a file as a program, and it is a shortened version for word executable. DLL, on the other hand, stands
Which answer best summarizes each line of code of the two followings if statements? string name1, name2;int guess, answer;if (name1.equals(name2)) if (guess == answer)
The "S" in string should be capital and the variables should be initialised. The program will not compile if you write it like that. Therefore the answer is none of the above.