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"Hello World!"... For programmers this is quite possibly their very first program. Are you a hardcore programmer? What did your first program execute? We have an "array" of quizzes about old school programming; that's C programming. How well versed are you with one of the most widely used programming languages of all time? Can you deal with some basic syntax and semantics? How about trying to guess what the output of a short C program will be?

Do you have any background on memory management? Before all those object oriented programs, there was the C programming language. It's back to basics when you take on our quizzes. What are you waiting for? Go and "printf" your answers now! We'll can "scanf" them and see how much you really know about the C programming language!
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C++ is one of the common programming languages that most programmers are expected to have a good understanding on. As you continue your journey on this it is important to see if you already understand the basics and this...

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    The notation of logical NOT operator in a C++ program is

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    What is the output? for(int i=1; i<15; i=i+3)   {         out.print(i); }  

This is a make-up exam for Quiz 1.

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    A placeholder begins with the symbol _____.

Quiz over Arrays in C++

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    The locations of the various indexed variables in an array can be spread out all over the memory.

What do you know about C programming? C Programming Language is a strong and all-purpose procedural programming language that supports structured programming. It was developed in 1972 by Bell Telephone Laboratories to create...

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    C language has been developed by?


C Programming Questions & Answers

What is the output of the following program? int getFirstDigit(int value) {return value/10;}int getLastDigit(int value {return value % 10;} int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {int x; int first; int...
C++ is a common type of computer programming language. C++ is known as a general-purpose object oriented programming language. It was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup as an extension of the already established C language. As an example of the language
Is C really a hard programming language to learn?
The computer programming language C is not too difficult to learn and is in fact considered to be an “an extremely universal, portable and efficient language, and an excellent introduction to procedural programming.” Assuming you have no
Can an abstract class be instantiated?
Yes an abstract class can be instantiated. The C++ language is an important asset in the world of computer development. It allows users to conveniently use multiple commands to create an interactive platform for users. Slight modifications result in
Can you find the value of variable z if the given program segment ends; int z; for(z=0; z
The correct answer to this question is 50. This type of question would be found on a test dealing with computer programming, which is a process. This process involves the design and building of a computer program. The computer program that is built i
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