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We’re sure you’ll get a high score if you really care about this subject. Our set of trivia questions all about care will really test your knowledge of the subject. Caring about others really is important so just think how good it will make you appear if you can get a high score when answering questions such as these: What is Palliative Care? Which songwriter commented “Take Care of all your memories, for you cannot relive them?”

If you think you can come up with the answers for questions like those then you’re well on the way to getting top scores in our quizzes. Hopefully you’ll care so much about getting the questions to our quizzes correct you’ll learn even more about the subject. Just imagine what a great feeling you’ll have when you tell everyone how well you did in our Care quizzes.

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  • He always treats me with _________.
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  • When we're going through a tough time, he usually gives me _______.
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  • He is very supportive and always _________ me.
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  • What type of signals may help you notice an emergency?
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  • What should you do if the person does not give consent?
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  • The steps to follow in an emergency are - 
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  • Which case established the neighbour test?

  • What is the three stage test from Caparo v Dickman [1990]?

  • Is the test for foreseeability objective or subjective?

  • Which is most often affected with dementia?

  • Which type of memory function is usually affected first with dementia?

  • The ability to remember our parent's names, where we grew up, or where we were married are all examples