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No one can come to the business and know all the secrets to what it takes to make a successful business. A lot of time and energy goes into unlocking the wisdom of the businessmen that came before us. Below is an Edexcel unit 3...

Questions: 12  |  Attempts: 2246
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    Business finance can come from either internal or external sources. (a) Which of the following is an internal source of finance?

Take this quiz to find out how much you know about business studies!

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    What is the basic economic problem?

Edexcel GCSE Business Studies Unit 1.5

Questions: 14  |  Attempts: 326
  • Sample Question
    Which statement is true?

This tes is base on the IGCSE book for year 10, and to find the answer you need to look inisde the book on the first unit: Unit 1: Purpose of the business activity.

Questions: 4  |  Attempts: 221
  • Sample Question
    What is the definition of: NEED

These are all questions that some of you have had difficulty with, so they should highlight areas you need to revise. Remember, you can use your textbook when you do this quiz. Every time you do the quiz, you will get a...

Questions: 45  |  Attempts: 128
  • Sample Question
    A business has to raise prices to pay higher wages. Which stakeholder is affected LEAST? Choose ONE only

Business Study Questions & Answers

What is the basic economic problem?
Unlimited wants and limited resources create scarcity cause the economic problem
Which of the following is the best example of opportunity cost?
Opportunity cost is the loss of the potential gain from other options when one option is chosen. An example of a situation that qualifies as opportunity cost is the scenario in which there is a car and a bike that you want to buy. You decide to buy t
What does it probably mean if a starting business fails?
1. Starting another business is more likely to succeed