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When it comes to Buddhism, many people have questions like: What are Buddhism’s traditions, ethics, and values? What do Buddhists teach about people and the universe? What are the symbols of Buddhism and what do they mean? If you already know the answers, solidify your knowledge of this dominant Eastern religion, take this quiz, and answer some of the toughest questions out there based on this form of faith. You may be surprised at what you know?

This quiz is for everyone—whether you’re a devoted Buddhist or just curious about the religion it’s a fantastic learning opportunity that asks questions regarding religious rituals, deities, meditation and more. Buddhism is becoming more and more popular in the Western half of the world too. Find out what you know about this religion and test your knowledge of Buddhism today.
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Buddhism is one of the biggest religions in the world. Originating in India, Buddhism is one of the most peaceful and accepting beliefs in the world. Take this Quiz to Learn more about Buddhism and to Test your preexisting...

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  • Sample Question
    What is Buddha's actual name?

Unit 5: India. Basic tenants of Hinduism & Buddhism.

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    Early Aryan religious beliefs include all of the following EXCEPT

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    What does the word "buddha" mean literally?

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    Bodhidharma's form of Buddhism called Ch'an in China became known as ___________ in Japan.

Buddhism encompassed a wide array of traditions, beliefs, and spiritual practices primarily influenced by Buddha's teachings and resulted in understood philosophies. Most Buddhist practices share the goal of overcoming...

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 278   |  Last updated: Sep 28, 2020
  • Sample Question
    Buddhism is based on life experiences of_________

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Buddhism Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Shinto and Buddhism?
Shinto is the real spiritual cult of which most of the Japanese belong to. It is traditionally referred to as kami-no-Michi. Shinto was first practiced among the Chinese inscriptions, and it literally means the way of the gods. Shinto is made up of t
What is the difference between Zen Buddhism And Tibetan Buddhism?
Zen Buddhism is a form of Buddhism in Japan, and it was imported from Chinese chan Buddhism, it also has some similarities with Mahayana Buddhism. Zen simply means a type of experimental process through meditation. This is practiced by Buddhist to ac
What is the difference between Buddhism and Jainism?
Although many similarities have been noted between Buddhism and Jainism, there are some differences between these religions. Buddhism is a religion that focuses on the life and the teachings of Gautama Buddha. Buddhism does not believe in the existen
What is the difference between Buddhism and Sikhism?
Buddhism and Sikhism are two different forms of religion. Buddhism dates back to the 15th century. Buddhism focuses on the life and teachings of Gautama Buddha, who is believed to be the Enlightened one. Sikhism revolves around the teachings of Guru
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