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The Bohemian lifestyle is one that is apart the norm. It is a lifestyle that has existed throughout the ages, and is something well known among the outsiders, the outcasts, those who do not belong to high society.

Bohemian lifestyle is something that has many historical roots. It was in Paris, in the area of Montmartre that the Bohemian lifestyle was brought forth in its artistic quality. This lifestyle was one full of all things passionate, artistic, and full of love. The plight of the people was not to acquire wealth or to succeed in marriage or business, but rather, to find true love and to live a life full of meaning. If you are a fan of the famous artists who epitomize the Bohemian lifestyle, test your memory by completing one of our many quizzes today. 

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Bohemian Questions and Answers

  • Ahh, what a perfect gig that was! Now, what are we gonna do ?

  • Alright, new song coming up! But how do you think it should sound?

  • Alright, the new song is done! It needs something more, but what?

  • Do you love colorful dresses?
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  • What can you say about the singing group Queen?
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  • Do you know Charles Manson?
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  • Are you a Type-A person or a Type-B person?
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  • Are you a math/science geek?
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  • Do you believe in secret worlds in your closet?
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