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When it comes to style, answers should glow in the dark. These are quizzes about the fabulousness of a French catwalk, the cutting age appearance of the hush puppies, and the never ending love story of scents. Hippies, punkers, hipsters, they all gave a twist to what style nowadays mean.

But let’s not just settle for clothing, style could be the way you hold your wine glass, the way you glance, the way you step, the way you talk inside a theatre. Style stands for more than money can buy. It is something that you are born with, but you constantly polish by learning.

Style could also be about painting, poetry or any other creative industry. Watch out for questions about Picasso or Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. Who is Jimmy Choo? What was the year the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s appeared? How would you fancy some stylish answers now?

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