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Antarctica—that cold, nearly desolate place at the “bottom” of the world—the only place on the planet that no country has laid claim to. Frigid as frigid can be, Antarctica is the coldest place on earth, the driest place on earth and lacks a time zone. As bland as this continent may seem there’s more to Antarctica than these well-known albeit boring facts. Are you familiar with the more interesting aspects of this continent?

True or false: there are no permanent residents of Antarctica? What do the scientists in Antarctica study? Since 1970, how many meteorites have been discovered in Antarctica? What documentary was shot in Antarctica? Are you just curious or do you think you know the answers to questions like these? Why not take a leap into this fascinating world of ice and snow and find out just how much you know about this continent? Take a journey to Antarctica today!
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    Antarctica is the largest continent in the world.

The Antarctic Peninsula is one of the most rapidly warming areas of Earth with an active volcano. There is no time zone in Antarctica with winds reaching over 200mp. The quiz below will test out just how much you know about...

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    Antartica is the fourth largest continent

A quiz for testing your knowledge about Antarctica. For the PKC Antarctica Expedition 2011 thing...

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    Where is the polar bear from?

Antarctica is the world’s most southernmost and fifth-largest continent, containing the geographic South Pole and spanning about 14,000,000 square kilometres. What other knowledge do you have on Antarctica? Find out in this...

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    Who was the second man to reach the south pole?

Antarctica is Earth's southernmost continent. Antarctica is important for place when it comes to science because of its profound effect on the Earth's climate and ocean systems, it shows what our planet's climate...

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    This bird lives in Antarctica.


Antarctica Questions & Answers

Why don't people live in Antarctica?
People don't live in Antarctica because the continent is extremely cold. Antarctica is the only continent on the planet earth that has just a few people living in it. The fact that the continent is characterized by such temperature does not mean ther
Why is Antarctica considered a continent even though there is no life?
Even though there is no life in it, Antarctica is still considered a continent. I would like to ask; if Antarctica had not been considered a continent, then what would it have been called a country? Definitely, no! Not even a regional part of another
Who owns and runs Antarctica?
There is no president of Antarctica. It is divided into several regions, each with a different administrator. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the ruler of four of these regions, which might seem strange. Other countries provide presidents or the li
What is the cheapest way to visit Antarctica?
The cheapest way to go to Antarctica is to take employment for the summer months at one of the research stations. The scientists nautrally need support staff, mainly catering and cleaning. If you are willing to undertake this work, I dare say your le
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