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Angola, officially the Republic of Angola is a country in Southern Africa. If you have ever thought to visit Angola then you should first check how much you know about it.

We prepared a trivia for you, here are some sample questions: What is the capital of Angola? Can you name some of the natural resources of Angola? What colors are on Angola’s flag? How many countries does Angola border? What is the official language of Angola? Which country lies to the north of Angola? In which year did the country gain its independence? Around 1600 which country secured control over Angola? Okay, now we think you are ready to answer all the questions about Angola and discover all the interesting facts about it!

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    Qual foi a primeira capital de Angola ?

This Quiz was designed to test your knowledge about the HSE objectives defined by Total E&P Angola for the year 2012Participation in Quiz implies compliance with the rules and regulations that follow:The Quiz is open to all...

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    What is the main action put in place for 2012 to test our emergency response effectiveness?

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