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Alkanes are the simplest organic molecules, consisting of only carbon and hydrogen and with only single bonds between carbon atoms. They are called saturated hydrocarbons because there is a hydrogen in every possible location, and are used as the basis for naming the majority of organic compounds.

As chemistry wizard, you should know the answers to questions like: “How many carbon atoms must be present in an alkane for the molecule to show structural isomerism?”, “What is the general term used to describe an alkane in a ring structure?”

“What is the trend in boiling points for straight chain alkanes?”, and “In general terms, what is the name given to the product when an alkane reacts with a halogen?”. Take these quizzes to find out how much alkanes do you really know!

Take this quiz to challenge yourself and test your knowledge on Alkanes and Alkenes!

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    Which of the following is not an alkane or alkene?

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    Which of the following statements concerning alkanes is correct?

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    A molecule with more than one carbon chain is named after the

Alkanes quiz. AS level. How well do you know your alkanes?

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    What is a Haloalkane?

The Organic chemistry Nomenclature For Alkanes is a quiz on the naming criteria of the alkanes or rather paraffin. Alkanes are saturated hydrocarbons meaning, they have extra hydrogen units. Find out more below and all the...

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Alkane Questions & Answers

Which of the following is true about polyunsaturated fats?
1. They lack hydrogen atoms on their molecules.
What is isomerism?
It is when certain compounds have similar molecular but not structural formulas.
Which of the following is true about alkanes?
They are linked together exclusively by single bonds