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It’s perhaps one of the most ravaging diseases of our century. There’s no known cure for it and it has sparked loads of awareness campaigns throughout the world. We’re talking about AIDS and our quiz is here to help you learn more about it and evaluate your knowledge on the subject. Let’s see you face questions like “What does AIDS stand for?”, “What’s the rough number of people living with AIDS throughout the world?”, “What are the most common ways of getting in contact with the HIV virus?”, “What’s the name of a famous basketball player, rumored to have cured himself of AIDS?”, “When was the virus first discovered?”. Pretty tough, we know. Don’t worry though, some of the challenges will get you thinking and you’ll eventually make your way to the finish line.
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    Most Americans know that HIV/AIDS is a worldwide health problem; many also believe it is the most dangerous disease across the globe. Malaria, however, far surpasses HIV/AIDS as a cause of sickness and death around the world. One likely reason for American's lack of awareness about malaria may be that malaria has been eradicated in this country, thanks in large part to efforts made during World War II. U.S. scientists sought new medicines and methods to control the effects and spread of malaria among combat troops. those efforts were later applied to an eradication effort that has kept the US malaria-free for decades.Which of the following data supports the author's argument about why Americans lac awareness about he dangers of malaria around the world?1 of 4

Human Immuno Deficiency Virus is a virus that damages the immune system, which fights body infections. Untreated HIV leads to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, which reduces the counts of immune cells per cubic millimeter. If...

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    Which of these body systems does HIV AIDS attacks?

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    Hearing Aids...

Presentational Aids10 T/F, 1 attempt, 15 minutes.

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    Messages that are reinforced visually are no more believable than those that are only verbalized.

This quiz asks questions from anything to everything to determine whether or you have mental AIDS.

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    What is your name?

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AIDS Questions & Answers

What is the difference between AIDS and Herpes?
AID (Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) and herpes are both known as sexually transmitted diseases. It is very obvious that AIDS is a more serious condition when compared  to herpes. AIDS can be contracted sexually and through non-sexual acts l
Where did AIDS originate?
AIDS is a disease caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). HIV is thought to have originated in the monkey population in Western Africa and transitioned to humans during the slaughter of a monkey with a related virus, called SIV (Simian Immu
How should a nurse respond to the following client? A client diagnosed with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is experiencing end-stage Kaposi's sarcoma. Concerned that the health...
1. we have to make sure you\ ve signed an advance directive.-rationale: the nurse should tell the client he must sign an advance directive to prevent future health care interventions. this client has lived with aids for many years; suggesting that he
How might HIV/AIDS hurt the countries that are most severely affected by it?
HIV/AIDS is one of the most dangerous and deadly diseases when it is not attended to properly with some of the newest and most cutting edge medicines. Just 20 years ago in America it was a disease that killed many people because we didn’t have