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Advanced Excel Questions and Answers

  •  _______ tab, in the Editing group, click Find & Select, and then click Go To.

  •  On the _____tab, in the Font group,

  • On the ----------tab, in the Page Setup group, click Background.

  • From the following list of choices, select the name of the choice that is a possible type of tablerelationship that can be created between two tables within the “Create Relationships” window.
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  • From the following list of choices, select the choice that BEST describes the function of the “Values”quadrant within a PivotTable in Excel 2010:2007.
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  • From the following list of choices, select the name of the button group within the “PivotTable Tools”contextual tab in the Ribbon that contains the “Field Settings” button in Excel 2010:2007.
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  • Themes include which elements?
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  • A style is a named collection of formats that are saved and applied as a group
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  • You can apply an actual watermark in Excel
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  • On the Summary tab, what formula did you use to get Region 6's Aug value (cell G9)?
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  • To create a dynamic range for the last 10 sales values, what does COUNT(DynamicCharts!$B$3:$B$1000)-1 in the formula: =OFFSET(DynamicCharts!$B$3,COUNT(DynamicCharts!$B$3:$B$1000)-1,0,-10,1)
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  • What Total Warranty Sales for 2015 did you get as an answer?
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