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Medical students, government employees, and anyone in a technical field knows the headaches acronyms can cause. Acronyms are an abbreviation created by taking the initials from a phrase or series of words. Some acronyms are so popular many people don’t even know what they stand for. For example, CPU (of a computer) means Central Processing Unit.
Do you know what DVD stands for? How about AT&T? Acronyms aren’t always helpful, especially when sentences are full of them. Medical terminology is full of acronyms, like CABG and BP. While these abbreviations are great for note taking and quick writing, they can be confusing for patients who aren’t familiar with medical jargon. Are you comfortable with answering some questions about acronyms? Take one of our acronym quizzes now to really get in deep!

All right ladies, this is going to test on all modules and the acronyms too! Enjoy and hopefully we all get perfect!

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  • Sample Question
    What does PSAP stand for?

Quiz on the college terms and acronyms.

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    A trade school trains you to

Can You Pass This Technical Acronyms Test? Do you consider yourself a techie and think you can state the full names of some of the technical acronyms most people don’t know? Welcome here to the perfect quiz that puts your...

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This quiz is to assess knowledge of the most frequently used special ed acronyms.  We hope it is helpful to parents and guardians.

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  • Sample Question
    What does MET stand for?

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Acronym Questions & Answers

What is the full form of etc?
Et cetera is the full form of ETC. Et cetera is a Latin word which 'means and so on' and 'and other things'. We generally use Etc at the end of a sentence especially when we are making example of some things, the moment we include etc, it means you a
What is the full form of Jio?
Jio has no full form; it is its complete word. Everyone in India is buying Jio Sim, which is a website phone service. It provides cheap Internet plan for its users, and it is very famous in India. Provides and to and digital solutions for businesses,
What does PCMB stand for?
Have you ever come across or heard people talking about the acronym PCMB and the acronym still does not make any sense to you. Well, the acronym stands for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology. You can see its very simple. However, there are othe
What does letter i.e. stand for?
The acronym i.e is the abbreviation for ''id est''. Id est is a Latin word which means 'That is' in English. The acronym is probably one of the shortest I have seen in English language. If you have not used this before, you should use it after readin