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How to Use Quizzes to Give Your Students a Last-Minute Revision

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Whether students are preparing for a test or gathering information for an extempore event in college, studying and understanding the material given to you is essential. However, sometimes it can be hard to research and find a way to explore that will help you learn the material.

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You can use the quizzes as one of your last-minute strategy for testing your knowledge on any subject. This is the way by which you can at least see whether or not you can recall the information you need when it is asked of you, not just hope you are retaining it as you read a textbook.

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True or False

The most natural type of question you can use when you study is a ‘true or false’ or ‘yes or no’ question. It is because you have a 50/50 chance of getting the question right when you study.

These can be challenging, though because you can quickly get caught in your head if you aren’t confident in your answer. After all, a ‘yes or no’ question isn’t a matter of being close to the answer or not. Instead, it is merely a fact of either being right in your response or wrong.

It can be a great study tool, though, because you have to do more than know the facts you need – you have to be confident in that knowledge. Instead, you can explore some quiz software and can try answering ready made quizzes.

When creating these quizzes or quiz questions, you need to make sure you’re clear in the wording and meaning. Otherwise, the issue will be too hard to understand, and it might just confuse rather than helping someone confidently learn what they need to know.

Multiple Choice

A step up from a simple ‘true or false’ question is a multiple choice subject. The name of multiple choice questions is somewhat self-explanatory; an issue is created that has a series of potential answers. The person studying with the quiz has to choose the best option from the possible solutions to get the question correct. Incorrect answers are generally referred to as “distractors.”

The point of these questions is much the same as a true or false question – the person taking the quiz must be able to confidently choose an answer amongst options rather than recall the correct information.

Once again, you have to be careful how you word these questions. If not, there is the risk that the person taking the quiz will be more confused than challenged by the issues presented.

Fill In the Blank

For a more challenging question, try to ‘fill-in-the-blank’ question. With these questions, the person who is being quizzed, will not necessarily choose between options but will have to recall the information rather than select it amongst the given options.

By their nature, ‘fill-in-the-blank’ questions aren’t meant to be too long or open-ended. Instead, they are usually formatted as a sentence with a keyword or phrase missing that the person taking the quiz must recall.

If a less challenging option is wanted, a “word bank” can always be introduced. With these, the person, being quizzed, has a variety of options that they can choose from as their answer. On the one hand, It is done in the form of a multiple choice, where the answer bank is small and introduced for each question. On the other hand, an answer bank is created for a series of questions. Here, the answers are available for a variety of items all at once.

Much like a multiple-choice question, these fill in the blank questions can use distractors if you use an answer bank. Even if you are using a larger answer bank with a series of questions, you can add answers that won’t be used to make the puzzles more challenging.


Much like a fill in the blank with an answer bank, another type of question is a matching question. Once again, the name pretty much explains itself. A series of questions are listed with a set of potential answers and the person, being quizzed, has to match the questions and answers.

Again, you can add additional answers as distractors to make the questions more challenging. The important thing is that these questions each have a definite answer and no two issues in the response have the same clue.

A widespread use for these and fill in the blank questions are in testing vocabulary. It is because matching terms and definitions is usually seen as more fair than trying to describe an explanation in your own words.

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Essay Questions

Essay questions, much like multiple choice, are a type of problem that anyone who has taken a standardized test knows well. These questions are usually a little more open-ended in that they pose a challenge and ask for an answer in the answering person’s own words. It is considered one of the hardest types of questions and can be used to cement whether or not you know the information well enough to explain it to someone.

These are the popular choices because they can be tailored to any length. A teacher might ask for only a few sentences for a quick question, or they might want a full-length essay going in-depth on the subject matter.

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Many people think of classified material when their mind goes to quizzes. However, you can use a low-stress quiz to test yourself, or your student’s knowledge before a graded piece of material comes up with a variety of questions types to challenge the quiz taker. Also, you can give your hands on ProProfs Quiz Maker’s ready made quizzes to test your knowledge. You know some time ago I had a problem with my grammar and I decided to get help from the professional writer.

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