The Shiatsu School of Vermont is one of two schools certified in the U.S. to offer Zen-style shiatsu certification for bodyworkers and certified practitioners. It provides affordable back and body care with private treatments and student clinics. The school also offers 330 Hrs and 500 Hrs of shiatsu certification workshops. We are experienced professionals in Zen Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Thai Acupressure and Bodywork, Chinese Medical Theory, Eastern/Western Anatomy and Physiology, Experiential Anatomy, and Bioenergetic Healing. ​A Shiatsu session brings healing to both the practitioner and the client. We love what we do and we would love to share it with you.

 Shiatsu School Of Vermont


We developed an online A&P course for students at the school. I needed a way for them to take quizzes and get immediate results online.


ProProfs Quiz Maker gives our students immediate feedback without staff intervention and still provides us a report when they have taken it and how they have done. The report also helps us to evaluate individual questions based on the feedback. It is very easy to embed the quiz right in the online course. It is also very easy to create quizzes drawing from the material available through ProProfs on the subject, but with the option of adding my own for topics that aren't covered in the question banks, or not covered in the way I want them presented. It is very easy to add diagrams and pictures, which is especially important for learning anatomy and physiology.


With ProProfs, we saw that students were using the quizzes as a study aid, which is how they are intended. They return and repeat the quiz until they get a satisfactory score. Because it is so easy to edit quizzes based on feedback from students, we’ve seen a dramatic decrease in complaints about ambiguity or errors in the questions. We haven't quantified it, but we think the ease of using the quizzes for studying has also impacted the students' final grades.

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