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  • How would you survive a zombie apocalypse?
    How would you survive a zombie apocalypse?
    Okay! takes in a deep breath stretches knuckles Let’s go. The most important thing is not having a high kill count but surviving. The government will take a few months to figure out what to do with people so relying on them is the last thing I would do. I would first max out my card and buy water and food. By food, I do not mean gourmet meals but cheap cost-effective food items(quantity over quality). Water and food will immediately become a precious resource so secure as much as you can. Next, I would secure plywood to board up windows and doors because they can probably break a lot of windows. The third item I would secure is a first aid kit. The fourth is simple utility items like batteries, torches, matches, knives, and hammers. The fifth is stitching a zombie-proof suit. It's easy and all you really need is a leather jacket, pants, gloves and a little bit of artistry with shoulder pads. Once I’m done with bare necessities, the next focus is on protecting myself. The greatest threat wouldn’t be zombies but other humans. Humans in groups could be especially dangerous and scarce resources would mean conflicts between humans to the proportion of killing each other. So I need a fake gun to intimidate them. A real gun would be necessary if the zombies are fast but I’m assuming that they are slow-moving smelly bodies. If they are slow, a baseball bat bedazzled with nails would serve my purpose. If I feel especially likely for gory views I would get a chainsaw. The only true advantage the zombies will have over humans is their numerical superiority. I would try to avoid places where their concentration can be overburdening. I would also never attack a zombie if other zombies are nearby. I’ll try to band up with known people who still aren’t zombies and share resources. I’m sure the government will figure out a way to band people together within a month and once we have a safe haven to go to: the next challenge begins. Banding up will be really helpful if the safe haven is far. If I’m all alone I would sneak out of the house and gather fuel and a working vehicle. A vehicle with a strong engine and high mileage would be my preference. A pickup truck would be great because I can store a lot of fuel. There, friends, I have survived a zombie apocalypse!  

  • Which of theese machines\\items is fake?
    Which of theese machines\\items is fake?
    I disagree, this item is actually true, in bo2 zombies when you pack on town you get a random attachment from it, but i dont know what a vending machine is, unless you mean perk machine. any ways this is just my question of why that isnt a thing in your quiz.Thanks.-Quiz taker

  • Why are zombie movies so bad nowadays?
    Why are zombie movies so bad nowadays?
    Zombie movies have become dull and boring. There are several reasons why these movies have become some of the worst films in recent history. Since there are only so many ways you can present a zombie movie, most have been done, and overdone. There are no fresh ideas, and the “brains” if you will, behind the films, seem to lack the creativity to create a new horror set that will scare those who are watching. Zombie movies have become predictable, thereby, lessening the entertainment factor. In the last few that have been released, the storylines are very similar. This has led to the feeling of zombies being overdone and dull. Even Disney released a zombie mini-movie on their television network. In order to get zombies back into the good graces of horror fans everywhere, there need to be some fresh and earth-shattering ideas. Otherwise, the zombie craze might just be over for good.

  • Which of theese is not in nacht der untoten?
    Which of theese is not in nacht der untoten?
    Both the WaltherP38 and Type 100 are not in nacht

  • What things do you know about zombies?
    What things do you know about zombies?
    Zombies are not real, but they have always been very popular in movies because people like to watch zombies come up from the dead. They like to be scared of them. However, recently within the past decade, zombies have gained even more popularity. This is because of the zombie apocalypse which is what people believe. Some people believe that the zombies will take over the earth and people need to prepare for their invasion. That means that they need to stock up on nonperishable supplies. If you want to see a zombie now, you should watch a horror movie. The zombie is a dead person who raises from the dead. Usually, they attack but slowly. They usually have their arms out in front of the people.

  • When did zombies become popular?
    When did zombies become popular?
    Zombies have always been popular ever since they became stars in certain horror movies. However, zombies were actually popular in certain parts of the world long before movies were being made. Zombies became popular through myths and traditional folklore. These stories were being passed down from generation to generation and then the children would believe that zombies exist because they have been told these stories about zombies from their parents and grandparents. Then when movies started to be made, they became popular from the people who went to these movies. The more movies that they saw with zombies in them, the more they believed in them and wanted to see them. Now, they are even more popular than ever because of the zombie apocalypse.

  • Why are zombies getting popular now?
    Why are zombies getting popular now?
    Zombies have become popular because they have been in movies. People who watched horror movies that involved zombies made people like them more. This is what happened. People began to like zombies more and more by watching these movies. Then they may have read about zombies. From then until now, the term “zombie apocalypse” has been thrown around. Many people have heard of this term and more and more people are believing in it because the term has become so popular. This means that people have learned about zombies and because so many people are talking about the zombie apocalypse and therefore it must be true. As long as people are talking about the zombie apocalypse, there will most likely be an increase in the belief in zombies.

  • Why are zombies so powerful?
    Why are zombies so powerful?
    It is said that to kill a zombie, it must be done in a very specific way. However, what makes them so powerful is that they are already dead. There is really nothing that you can do to them, other than put a bullet in one specific area. This could be harder than it seems, as there is no rhyme or reason to what they are doing. Outside of this “superpower” there is nothing spectacular about them. Zombies are, in and of themselves, on the lower rung of the horror chain. The fact that they are already dead means that they are unable to feel pain. They have no human thought or emotion. Regardless of recent culture trying to “humanize” zombies, they are unable to achieve that emotion. To have any range of emotion or use of their senses, they would have to be alive. As zombies are “undead” they do not have control of their senses or be able to use them.

  • When did zombie movies become a thing?
    When did zombie movies become a thing?
    Zombie movies took off in the 1960s with the release of the movie “The Night Of The Living Dead.” It sparked an entirely new era of horror. While zombie movies were not “new” in the 1960s, the level of fear and the realism that it evoked make these cult classics almost from the beginning. With the massively positive response that the film received, five more quickly followed. By then, the fans were demanding more. Zombie movies were a favorite and could draw a crowd faster than almost any other film released. During the 1960s, the use of drugs and other mind-altering drugs brought a different view to the way that many things were looked upon. People wanted a more visual feel to the movies. Instead of the alluded to violence in the older films from the 1930s, audiences wanted to see and almost feel as though they were, in fact, a part of the movie themselves. Since the 1960s, zombies have been a prominent feature in many movie and television releases. There are several popular shows right now that depict zombies, and new movies are being released frequently.

  • Why are zombies attracted to sound?
    Why are zombies attracted to sound?
    Any zombie fan knows that they are attracted to sound. Many don't know the reason behind it, however. The main reason is to give writers of books, cartoons, television shows, and movies an edge to build their scenes upon. As the zombie is headed toward the noise, there are ample opportunities for rugpulling. They can encounter other zombies or a host of other intertuptions. There is another reason as well. It is said that in the zombie world, zombies are attracted to food. When something or someone makes a noise, their primal brain instincts kick in. That means...fight or flight to animals and humans but to zombies, it spells dinner. As the suspence builds, the sound gets louder and the zombie becomes more determined to gravitate toward the noise. There are obstacles but if you are the person making the noise, there sure aren't enough of them.

  • What would be the best weapon during the zombie apocalypse?
    What would be the best weapon during the zombie apocalypse?
    The best weapon during the Zombie Apocalypse would definitely have to be a double sawed off shotgun because it would make the best defense and would be light to carry and easy to use. A backup plan would be a knife. Knifes cut and eventhough zombies have thick skin, it would still get him where it counts. A spiked bat is a close contender. The only problem with it would be it's a little difficult to carry and to use so a zombie might yank if from you really quick and then you'd be in a world of trouble. The best defense is not to get caught with a zombie. But, since no one can be assured of that, a sawed off shot gun is something you need to have readily available when you are fighting zombies...that's for sure.

  • What essential items would become scarce during a zombir apocalypse?
    What essential items would become scarce during a zombir apocalypse?
    During an apocalypse, many items would be scarce. Food would be hard to fine, for sure. Medicine would be extremely rare to get your hands on and water would probably be hoarded too. Then there would be things of leizure that would be scarce, like books, dvds and even computers. There would be no time to grab and save those items. Fighting for your life would be much more important. Things of comfort like pillows, blankets, coats, and air conditioners would all fall by the wayside to make room for necessities. Sodas and snacks would be obsolete. There would be no drive thru food or things we take for granted in modern days. Another very important thing that would no longer be around would be money or any form of currency. With everything controled, there would be no need for it anyway.  

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